The Design Collective Bringing Audi-visual Branding To The Forefront

Quirky, strangely animate and playful, the designs of Zeitguised, an international collective of artists, designers and technologists stand out in an increasingly saturated market. Animation is evolving, the way we see things and where we see them is changing: less people go to the cinema yet more people are plugged into visual platforms like Instagram.

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The German audio-visual and animation group is all about pictorial exploration using bold colour, striking images and memorable movement. Their wide range of clients come to them to increase brand engagement, “moving images bring a focus to the story of brands” and we identify with stories more than sales, co-founder, Henrik Mauler, tells us.

The forward thinking group are continually searching for new platforms where digital design can thrive. It is popular at festivals and independent galleries far from the mainstream but a suitably comprehensive platform has yet to be discovered. For now though, Henrik and his team will continue to use their blog to voice their opinion on the importance of this style of art and storytelling. Though there is no revenue in this style of uploading at the moment they continue to look forward the future, the expanding market and the notion that the rest of the world will catch up some day.

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We spoke to Henrik about who Zeitguised really are and why animation like this is so important.

The Plus: Can you describe to us who Zeitguised are and what you do?
Henrik Mauler:
Zeitguised is an international collective of artists, designers and technologists in the field of synthetic visuals and aesthetics. All of our images are based on artificially created spatial geometry, also known as 3d cgi. We specialise in creating moving images that bear characteristics of both realism and abstraction.

TP: You have a wide range of clients – how big a role do you think animation plays in branding?
Moving images bring engagement and focus to the story of brands and their imagery.

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TP: What is your favourite thing about being an animator?
To play with how things can come to life even though they are clearly from the realm of dead matter or inanimate objects. The forced confusion and the constructed, productive misunderstanding that this construction brings about are really appealing to us – especially on our playing field between realism and abstraction.

TP: How did you get into animation?
we worked in different art and design fields that benefited from visualizing and simulating situations, designs, objects and their configurations before they were actually built physically.

TP: What do you find are the best platforms for exhibiting animation?
Anything that fits the needs, online, exhibitions, galleries, museums, TV screens and mobile phones…

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TP: What do you feel are your main challenges as an animator? (both on individual projects and in a business sense)
Animation is just a small part of the work we do. We work conceptually with clients. Institutions and individuals to either make beautiful, captivating and engaging imagery for products and services on a business level or push our own envelope in a very open, uncharted independent artistic field where there is still potential to explore new territory.

TP: Where do you see the future of animation?
in two emerging fields: experiential platforms (VR/AR) and phygital designs that include some sort of transformative matter.

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