A Short iPhone Film Which Captures A Real Zest For Life

When Russian independent director, Igor Abidov, first visited Spain in 2006 he was struck by how beautiful the city was. Round every corner there was something new to discover: the streets, the atmosphere and the people were all so unique. There was a carefree atmosphere and a zest for life that Igor hadn’t experienced anywhere else before.


However, Igor’s latest short film, Spain 2016, was not meticulously planned but born out of the same free spirit that he feels so intensely when in Spain.

A keen photographer, Igor had spent years wondering the streets of Spain, particularly Barcelona where he now lives, taking pictures and filming short clips on his iPhone to keep for his own repertoire. Saved haphazardly in a folder on his desktop, they gathered there for some time before one day, on a whim, Igor decided it was time to create something from them.

His short film shows both the versatility of the iPhone and of the country itself, it captures personal memories and emotions as well as scenes and cityscapes which will evoke a familiar feeling in anyone who views it. We spoke to the filmmaker himself about creativity and wanderlust.


The Plus: How did you decide what to film or did you just let it unfold naturally?
Igor Abidov:
Originally, I did not think of it as a film – it was just a couple of shots that I had recorded.

TP: Talk us through your editing process?
The editing process was easy – I just built the structure of the movie in my head and then used all that was filmed, including photos from Instagram. I shot everything with 5 and 6S iPhone. I periodically see an episode in a movie or clip or just walking somewhere along the street where the sound behaves like something unusual and interesting and I always tried to remember that and then add it into the film.


TP: What three words would you use to sum up this short film?
Freedom, love, happiness

TP: Where do you want to travel to next and why?
For a long time, I have wanted to visit the United States, especially the southern States like Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama. I sometimes look through photos of these places and always feel they are so atmospheric.