This Experimental Video Looks At Real Reactions In Animated Form

In his latest animated video Irish born designer, Shane Griffin, explores the way surfaces react with one other with mesmerising results. Playful and colourful, Shane created the 3D video in his spare time as a personal challenge to test his technical abilities.

Heavily influenced by geometry and architecture, the various reactions are nostalgic and reminiscent of school days: a cross between fun, science, mathematics and experimentation. Shane messes with tension, weight and gravity to bring life to shapes and items – giving them quirky personalities, as well as names, to add an animate charm to them.

The pastel colours are effective yet allow the reactions themselves to take centre stage and the sound only adds to the personification of the futuristic entities. It’s hard to resist the urge to go out and touch, squeeze and play with the things surrounding you.


We spoke to Shane about what inspires him and why he has loved the response to his work.

The Plus: What inspired you to make this short film?
Shane Griffin:
I starting making some loop-able gifs in my spare time, and decided to give it a more physical and tactile look. When I created one of the setups I immediately knew I wanted to experiment more. There’s also a part of me that likes to create something people would geek-out to in the technical sense. I already want to make a part 2.


TP: What was the creative process?
For each vignette, I started with just the color palette, and went from there with no goal in mind. The core idea was for two surfaces to react unusually to each other, a little moment of weirdness, that made you watch two or three times to figure it out. Sometimes I’d start experimenting with deforming geometries, other times I’d start with particles, sometimes cloth. I was rendering this in the evenings on 1 machine, so nearly every shot is ‘version 1’. The sound design was handled by, who did a really amazing job at stringing things together.


TP: Of all the reactions featured in the film which was your favourite to create?
My favourite was probably the molecules, I’m looking forward to someone trying to figure that one out! Technically it was a nightmare, I never want to re-create that!

TP: If you had to sum up the film in three words what would they be?
Weird. Weird. Weird.


TP: What’s next for you?
I’ve had a lot of interest in the film, I’m creating a similar film for a cell phone client right now. Then maybe I’ll make a part 2!

TP: What have the reactions been to the film?
The response has been really awesome, people seem to love watching it and want to see more. Lots of nice comments overall.
I’ve had a lot of emails from artists asking to explain some of the technical process, or give a step by step breakdown on how I did certain things. Half the fun is figuring it out!