This New Surfboard Model Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Prepare for summer vibes and inspiring board techniques with this latest collaboration between filmmaker, Nathan Foster, and surfboard designer, Corey Munn.

Surfer Jack Lynch glides like silk across the white and blue foam of the ocean as the sun reflects off the water and gives the short film a dreamy feel – a personification of that lethargic glow we feel after a day of basking in the rays. This trancelike atmosphere is intentional in more ways than one as not only does surfing allow you to connect to the natural beauty of the coastline but the board itself, and the reason behind the whole film, is aptly named ‘the Dreammachine’.


The collaboration between filmmaker, surfboard designer and surfer came about when Jack’s surfboard shaper (Corey Munn) approached Nathan to shoot a short film with his latest board model, the Dreammachine, as the star. Using a Panasonic gh4 for the land footage and a Sony Fs700 for the water shots, Nathan manages to capture the essence of surfing: pure freedom and adrenaline while all the while keeping the board as the subtle star of the production.


We spoke to the filmmaker and editor himself to find out more about the project.

The Plus: How did this collaboration come about?
Nathan Foster:
Jack has been a long-term friend of mine who is also a client that I manage, Jack rides for Corey’s surfboard company so it was a very natural, easy collab.

TP: What three words would you use to sum up the film?
Saturated, Joyful, Summer.


TP: What was the biggest challenge you came across while shooting?
Timing would have been the biggest challenge with this film. I basically shot everything less then 24hrs after I was given the job. I had organised to send my camera gear away to get some work done on my water housing, which can take a few weeks. When i was given the job it was two days until I had it booked in to get fixed, lucky enough the ocean provided some classic logging waves and I worked hard for 2 days getting the shots I needed.


TP: Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m 25yrs old from Byron Bay, NSW, Australia, I have been involved with film making since I was 15yrs old and been doing it professionally for the past 7yrs, I also run a creative management company representing athletes, musicians and artists with my main focus being surf.

TP: How does this film differ from your other work?
I am a surfer, so generally most of my work is surrounded by my love for the ocean and surfing. This was more of a passion project rather then a campaign or advertisement clip, so it was really enjoyable to work on.


TP: What’s next for you?
I am off to Japan in a few weeks to shoot a lifestyle piece on the cities, and a few key subjects. I have never been so I am really looking forward to a culture shock and meeting some interesting people.