Respectful Architecture That Unites Between Human And Nature In Poetic Beauty

In a sheltered cove on the northern side of the South Pacific the secluded Seascape Retreat is set into exposed rock and is designed to give honeymooners the ultimate privacy. Made up of three rooms: a lobby, a bedroom with living room and a bathroom, the interlocking geometry of the building allows guests two breath-taking views.

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Looking out over the cove and a double rock arch in the distance, known as The Comb, the architect, Andrew Patterson, wanted to create a structure that seamlessly connected human beings and the natural environment. “Like the rocks and the trees we are children of mother earth, but with that relationship comes responsibility and respect,” he explains, and it is easy to see how his constructions reflect this idea.

The retreat is built largely from rock, with concrete flooring and an earth turfed roof – far from taking away from the natural beauty of the coast line, it merges with it, it uses its natural rivulets and materials to add to the beauty and it respects the tranquility of its surroundings.


Completely self-sustainable, the extensive project allows water to treated on-site and even included a reforestation and re-vegetation scheme. Double glazed glass windows and macrocarpa timber keep the romantic bolt hold safe while also taking the needs of future couples into consideration: yes, we all love something functional, but we also want beauty on our honeymoon.

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Digital process : PixSolution
Digital process : PixSolution