The Freestanding Art Installation Which Will Challenge Everything You Know

Taking immersive art to the next level, Levi van Veluw, spent a year working on his freestanding installation The Relativity of Matter. Once inside, the doors are closed and visitors are left free (or trapped as it may seem) to explore the labyrinth of corridors, perspectives, colours and spaces inside.


A total sensory experience the space is an alternate reality, challenging what we think we know about our surroundings and forcing us to drop our preconceptions. From room acoustics changing the sound of your own voice to darkened hallways that lead to iridescent rooms, the experience has been described as one bordering on hallucination or likened to walking through abandoned sci-fi movie sets.

The piece is a collaboration between artist and visitor, Levi feels – it is about the visitors experience and their own projections. We may feel lonely, fearful or even abandoned once inside, and this is the intention, we must accept our loss of control. He seems to delight in the idea that rather than answer questions, his installation may conjure them up and why shouldn’t we delight in this too? Why do we always need answers? Why can’t we accept an alternate reality as it is – trust our senses to tell us what is real and what isn’t and know that however we feel, it is only momentary, before we step out into our lives again.