Rock Formations That Promote Positive Power

It is no secret that art has limitless capacity to inspire and Michael Grab’s ongoing installations, Stone Balance, is a particularly reassuring model. We may have all found ourselves professing that ‘something’ is the ‘glue that holds us all together’ – it is different for everyone. For some, it is family and for others it is something less palpable: something we just feel.


The rock sculptures, balanced in counterintuitive ways, provokes us to question our perception of what is possible, is there actually a gravitational glue that holds everything in place for us. Michael aims to give people a visual representation, one they may have never seen before, of how glue works. Part of his project is what develops around the sculpture he creates: the people who gather and the atmosphere that builds.


The process is akin to meditation, much in the same way that mindful colouring books are now a staple in many handbags around the world, building the stone formations is a calming form of focused energy for Michael as well as for those watching him. This shared art experience is unlike any we have come across before and we wanted to speak to the artist himself to find out more.

The Plus: You have been working on the Gravity Glue project since 2008, what keeps you moving during all these years?
Michael Grab:
Balancing rocks is what I enjoy doing most, it is a daily yoga practice. ‘Gravity Glue’ is just a bi product, created as a channel to share my practice.


TP: What gravity fascinates you the most?
The way gravity is such a stable force, is most interesting to me. the way it can hold stones in balance, despite the earth spinning and speeding through space.

TP: Why did you choose stones but not other mediums?
I didn’t choose the stones; the stones chose me. 🙂 sometimes I work with other natural mediums. but stones are usually the most attractive for me.


TP: It must be a magical moment when people first time saw the stones standing on each other without falling, what’s the longest and shortest time the stones remain the same position?
shortest – 5 seconds; longest – 3 months
It just depends on time and place really. but most of the time I dismantle my creations when I am done shooting photos.

TP: How long do you normally need to use to complete one installation?
can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours, or even days in rare cases, again it mostly just depends on the particular creation. average time for my regular creations, including finding preferred rocks, is maybe 1-2 hours.


TP: It is a fairly involved meditative practice, so is this also something religion related?
I am not religious, but I consider the practice to be spiritually significant, perhaps due to the meditative aspect. and also interacting with nature on a regular basis is quite therapeutic, and can also be quite challenging.

TP: You have been to so many countries, did you travel for Gravity Glue a lot? Where is your next destination?
When I travel, I travel to find rocks. I have been lucky enough to establish an internationally recognized name and client base for myself, which allows me to travel quite often. and I also travel as much as possible on my own, always looking for rocks and beautiful/unique scenery. currently deciding my next destination. any suggestions? 🙂


TP: Tell us a little bit more about yourself. What else do you do?
Well this is my life for now. my passion is to more or less balance rocks, and recently more-so to travel in the process. ha might sound crazy but I find it a highly enriching way to travel and live. it’s chaotic at times, unpredictable, challenging, peaceful, beautiful. I am also highly inspired by various music; I enjoy djing/mixing music in my free time. also love coffee. 🙂