A Picture Of Society

A Series Of Illustrations That Capture The Nuance’s Of Life


Colourful, playful and imaginative: Andy Rementer’s art documents life in Milan through the eyes of innocence. Directed by Marco Mucig, the short film immediately endear you to the artist himself: initial sketches absurdly manage to be both objective and subjective simultaneously while the colourful paintings that spring from them are zany yet realistic.

Andy’s love for Milan, for it’s people and for the individual style that exudes from every street and every human, is evident in his work and so to is his empathy. He is clearly tuned into life, into it’s little nuances, into the way we slump in a coffee shop, how we hold ourselves in a crowd and (something most women will be well acquainted with) the way we twist our face when applying mascara.


These subtleties combined with the larger picture create a series of captivating illustrations that are so familiar yet we are compelled to view them as children. We study them, wide-eyed: the delicate changes in blocks of colour, the various props strewn across a table, or clutched in tightly clasped hands.


The collection ‘The Age Of Innocence’ is on show at the Antonio Colombo Gallery until April 2nd 2016.