The Art Of Illumination

The Reimagined Spotlights Of The Future Are Here

Never mind the spot light and forget about the pea light, 2016 is all about the Throat Lamp: dangling metal spring tubes to illuminate the darkest corners as well as the hearts of all design lovers. A versatile replacement for the spot light, the irrigated throat can be fixed to the ceiling or wall and then moved around at will.


We are long time fans of Keha3 and their reinventions and raved about their re-imagination of the chandelier last year. Now they have turned their attention to it’s more humble, though no less striking, sibling: the spot light, or, Throat named by designer Margus Triibmann due to their likeness to the human trachea. Their industrial appearance, ventilation shaft like, show off not only an interior design prowess but the functionality of the piece – coming in two different lengths, lights can be placed together to create sculptures or fitted with a colourful stocking to totally change the mood of a room.


We live in an age where anything is possible and everything can be turned into art so why would we stick to the constraints of conventional lighting when we could use it to complete change a mood, a feature or an aesthetic. Quirky and futuristic in their natural state and playful and soft once complete with stocking, the wacky inventions are the dress-up doll of the design world.

Encouraging us to reclaim free reign over our interiors, this contemporary series stirs the inner experimenter in us all.


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