A Blueprint For The Working World

Encouraging Personal Development In A Corporate Space

We featured their exquisite, A House For A Photographer development earlier on in the year and Studio Razavi’s latest project is synonymous with the clean line, open approach while seemingly also being its antithesis. Approached by France’s oldest, most-reputable, insurance company, with a brief that required a contemporary work space with room for “unexpected team interaction”. The design had to enhance a feeling of peace in a fresh environment: in short, inspire productivity as well as human communication in an environment to prevent boredom or claustrophobia.


The singular level structure had to do all this, creating a feeling of inclusion and openness, while simultaneously allowing for the opposite: spaces where highly confidential work could take place. The plethora of different company needs required the team to balance personal well-being with corporate well-being – they cared about their employees but they also cared about their business.


The design incorporates wood, carpet and glass to create a structure which felt both comfortable and friendly, as one architect put it, ‘we chose pine because of it’s many imperfections’. This is a very human approach to work – we all make mistakes and this is the personification of pinewood, it is not smooth and perfect but it can create something functional and beautiful.


Natural lighting floods the building and while the structure is open, it is not hollow: the use of carpet prevents an echo, so that the many different pods can work in tandem without disrupting one another. This design is not only functional, useful and visually pleasing but a metaphor for the archetypal company: one that encourages individuality and then channels this back into the success of the brand.

Module axonometric view 4
Floor plan 1
General axonometric view 1

floor area: 700m²
location: Paris
photography: olivier-martin gambier
collaborator: the boson project
general contractor: EGIP
millwork: PRIME