It’s Okay To Play With Your Food

This New Series From Lingvistov Speaks On Behalf Of All Foodies

You may remember a while ago we gushed about Lingvistov and their humorous doodle series, Everyday Quirks. This time we are totally enraptured by their newest series, one which is sure to resonate with the majority of us, ’10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To’.


Colourful, larger-than-life, characters can be seen indulging in one of our favourite past-times while musing on the concept of eating itself. Though foodie-themed designs are not new to Landysh, co-owner and illustrator behind the graphics at Lingvistov, this upbeat series showcases 10 of her favourite food themed images in a neat sequence.


Quirky, humorous and playful, the images – that can be purchased as prints on their online store – are Landysh’s harmless way of making fun of a society, and culture, fixated on food. If you thought you were alone in your food-hoarding habits, think again, this comical sequence will prove you are just as abnormal as everyone else in your attitude to eating. Food is a serious business so sometimes it’s important to make make fun of it.


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