Branding With Ink

The Tattoo Club With A Brand New Look

Tattoo Club1

Saint Petersburg-based creative branding team, Eskimo Design Studio, have gone the extra mile to give Paintkillers Tattoo Club a refurbished identity. A brand new brand: slick, stylish and memorable, with bold, striking font that’s reminiscent of the aesthetics of the famous Jack Daniels bourbon.

Tattoo Club3

The typeset evokes a professional look while staying mean and masculine; they may look hard, but they take their work seriously, is the message thrown out from the design. The creative team of three had this to say: “To communicate the idea of the club, the logo was complemented with a monogram, symbol of the people union.” Courage, unity and pride are what matters here, telling an international public that tattoo art is as fearless and adventurous as it looks.

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