Characters of Copenhagen

Inside The Private Spaces Of A Copenhagen Historic Neighbourhood

Ken Hermann is the kind of photographer who has travelled far and wide, from Ethiopia to India to New York. However, for his latest series, Brumleby, Ken looks no further than his own back garden, seeking out fascinating characters in a historic neighbourhood in his hometown of Copenhagen. The series of 9 images portray a variety of colourful, mysterious and eccentric folks whose personalities shine through. His subjects display a variety of responses to the photographer, often with too much gusto and pride, other times with timidity or casual nonchalance.


The vivid, sharp pictures allow the subjects’ gestures and surrounding environment to bring an equal measure of importance to the frame. Each aspect is integral to the constitution of the other. For example, a man wearing dark sunglasses stands poised with a machete in hand next to a huge glowing fire, which burns with a surreal orange hue. His fancies himself as a magician, one might think. Other images convey intimacy and warmth, as couples embrace each other. The starkness of these photographs testifies to Ken’s ability to bring a curious eye into the private space behind closed doors, clearly coaxing his subjects into feeling comfortable enough to pose for these garish and surprisingly striking portraits.