First Your Dream House, Now Your Ideal Office

Roy David Studio Turn Their Design Sights to the Workplace

Roy David Studio
is back, this time turning their attention to office spaces. We’re already fans of their work (check out our piece on their renovation of a Tuscan villa, turning it into a dream house). This time the brief was slightly different – the Studio was commissioned by hi-tech company Personetics to design their new office fit for the modern nature of the company. The space was inside a new business hub in Tel Aviv, Roy David’s hometown.


The space itself is a two-story open office centre, and the undeniable highlight of the design is the unique light installation that fills it. Custom made by Roy David Studio, it is made up of 70 LED’s that are at varied heights to create a perpetual wave. The design is minimalist but with warm touches of colour, rugs, and furniture. Overall, it’s a place we’d be pretty happy to work in.


The Studio paid meticulous care to the design of the office space – for example, wooden beams at different angles are aesthetically dramatic, and also serve the purpose of visually blocking the waiting area from the rest of the office. This brief was perfect for the Roy David Studio, who have a modern aesthetic and put a lot of thought into integrating digital art with the space – all with a particular emphasis on light.

One thing we’re sure about is the Roy David Studio is giving us both home and workplace envy.

Size: 750 sqm
Year: 2015
Location: Shoncino Street 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Photography: Yoav Gurin