The Littlest Alphabet Book

Lustrous Designs In Book Smaller-Than Pocket-Sized

The name pretty much says it all. Not just the littlest but also the cutest of the cute. So tiny, in fact, that you could crumple it into the palm of your hand in an instant.

Andrew Fox1

“Creating an alphabet book had been at the back of my mind for some time,” says London-based designer and illustrator Andrew Fox, “I was creating a small mock-up of the ‘a is for apple’ page one day when I realized that working within the confines of a small square page gave me a nice new constraint to work against.” Not that anyone would want to destroy such an adorable artefact. Designed with original inky illustrations that resemble beautiful grey-scale water colours and calligraphy, Andrew is certain to be a hit among tiny people for as long as the written word still remains relevant. It demands to be cherished.

Andrew Fox2

We caught up with him to find out more:

The Plus: What aesthetics are your illustrations in this book influenced by?
Andrew Fox:
I think most of my aesthetic influences come from nature and minimalism.

TP: What material is the book made from, and how long did it take to produce?
At this point, the book is nothing more than a series of mock-ups made from paper and card. I hope to make it into a real book soon though.

Andrew Fox3

TP: Which design is your favourite?
Hmm.. it’s between the swan, the flower and the owl.

TP: It seems you used grey/black quite a lot in your works, why?
Simplicity. I feel it gives it an elegance and keeps the focus on the form.

Andrew Fox4

TP: What’s next for you?
I’d like to make more books and continue trying to animate my designs. Also, I designed a calligraphy drawing app last year that I’d love to have made into a working, published app. Other than that, just try to stay inspired and keep blurring that line between Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist.

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