Flash! Motion! Animation!

Experiments In Logo Design And Graphics In This Short Motion Clip

UBER SUPER DUPER is an all-round creative studio that landed an impressive deal at the right time. They caught the eye of Russian motion graphics and animation artist Vladislav Solovjov, who speculatively contacted them with the hope for collaborations. They were both lucky to find each other.


“It all started when I found the portfolio of UBER SUPER DUPER on Vimeo. I liked it a lot and thought: “Hmm, It would be so great to work with them!” Vladislav tells us. “Fortunately, he liked my portfolio as well, and we started discussing all possibilities of our collaboration.”


It was all go from there. Idents is the result of their remote collaboration, with Vladislav based in St. Petersburg and UBER SUPER DUPER on island of Bermuda. Together they created an explosive one-minute video showcasing four very different logo animations. Each unique in style and choices of music, the motion graphics are simple in concept and executed with true professional finesse. Weird and wonky is one way to describe numbers three and four, the former of which uses trance-like synthesisers alongside a space-time visual contingent, while the latter more heavily ties itself to the aesthetics of gabba. In contrast, numbers one and two align themselves with a more conservative style, erasing any signs of intense in-yer-face graphics in favour of a lighter touch. These experiments demonstrate Vladislav’s potential as an artist, whose ideas can be realized for a number of varied projects.


We had a chat with Vladislav to find out more:

The Plus: What is the idea behind the various animations?
Vladislav Solovjov:
We decided to make 4-5 logo animations in different styles. The project was like a big experiment. I really wanted to create something simple, but also interesting and a little bit weird. I usually create only 3D stuff, but in this project we’ve decided to use principally 2D motion graphics. It was an absolutely great experience for me. So, in the end everything went smooth, we both liked the results of our collaboration.

TP: How did you create ideas for different motion-graphics in Idents?
Just find the right inspiration! The inspiration is everywhere. It’s around us: the nature, the movies, the music, the global network etc. I’ve always been amazed by the beauty of the space. The stars, the nebulaes, and the planets… They are stunning.


TP: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
In general I do art direction and motion graphics, I always try to do something new, something that I’ve never done before. In my opinion, the main thing in self-education is to set a difficult task and try to solve it. Experiments are the best way.

TP: What’s next for you?
Now I have a big and interesting project, but, unfortunately, I can tell you nothing about it so far, it’s a trade secret. For other projects, currently I’m creating some new concepts. I’m taking a break from personal motion design projects, but I’ll certainly return to it very soon. I always do what I like, what I love. I am always open for interesting projects.