A Perfect Symphony For An Average Day

Spanish Film Maker Captures Daily Life With Extraordinary Tenderness

Taking the dictum made famous by John Cage that “sound is everywhere”, Madrid-based film maker, Aleksandra Kawalec, has honed her art through compiling fragments of daily life. The Perfect Symphony For An Average Day, is the culmination of her research into solitary moments that make life a beautiful journey, fully of emotion and empathy.

“All these moments guide us through sounds to create a musical piece, a symphony in this particular case,” she tells us.

Using a Canon eso 6D, 7D and a Go Pro Hero 3, she travelled to various scenes in and around Spain to make her film possible. She shot scenes in the Moroccan towns of Jamaa el Fna and downtown Marrakesh, in Tabarca Island, on the coast of Alicante, and around Madrid.

With exceptional use of natural light from the sun, her images of ordinary life glitter with hints of the sublime, casting streaks of shadows across the lines of vision. In this journey she truly identifies the potential for serenity and magic to emerge from the dull recesses of average experiences. With cinematic techniques that submit the eye to glimmers of hope and potential, Aleksandra is successfully telling her audience that how we see the world all depends upon your state of mind.


We had a chat with her to find out more:

The Plus: What inspired the ideas behind The Perfect Symphony For An Average Day?
Aleksandra Kawalec:
The primary idea was to connect images with sounds, to associate them with particular moments and emotions. I tried to collect real life, every day situations to develop this concept.

TP: What research did you do before filming?
The research for this project was pretty wide. I researched audiovisual references for the conceptual side first, then I began recording sounds from my every day life. Later on, I wrote the text, and finally I did an extensive technical research to decide what kind of software and plugins to use, such as Plexus or 3D elements.


TP: What is the significance of the 3D triangular and cubic shapes that move throughout the images?
The shape of the triangle takes us on a trip trough emotions and images. The black and white shapes raise the past, creating a wake up call to our imagination, taking us deep into ourselves.

TP: “Joy, Hope, Euphoria, Melancholy” – why these specific emotions?
These feelings were the ones I identified with the most during the creative process. Besides that, and on a personal note, those who really know me could see it as my own personal touch.


TP: What does a symphony of everyday situations mean to you?
We all are surrounded by outside elements that affect, somehow, our senses. To shape up those feelings, we just have to be on point, to be able to write our own symphony.

TP: Whose are the beautiful vocals that come in at 1:54?
That lovely voice is Nicole Miglis’es of the band Hundred Waters, which matches wonderfully with the narrators, Darcia Clarke.

TP: What else can we expect from you in the near future?
As we speak, I’m working on several projects, including a fashion film for yellowheartbeats.com, besides that a new project that combines real and 3d elements, also using cinema 4d and after effects.