Wooden Homeland

Melbourne-Based Architects Bringing Stark Wooden Features To Luxury Levels


Berry, in New South Wales, is the latest glory-house to emerge from Modscape‘s dream-team of architects, designers and engineers. The Aussie design and architectural company specialise in the use of modules, insuring that the home is insulated without adversely affecting the modern design. Enclosed by protective brick walls, over which lush trees and mountains loom, the exterior features a stunning rectangular swimming pool, which can be gazed at from inside the building thanks to its transparent window design.


Chic, open-plan and minimalist, this 465sqm beauty also hides a butler’s pantry, laundry and powder room, as well as a music room. Timber, concrete and zinc are at its core, ensuring that these simple elements are reflected in the simplicity of the design. With Sharp wooden features striking through the the corridors, allowing for shards of sunlight to reflect through it in strips, the atmosphere is tranquil. An idyllic spot for a private retreat.




Open plan kitchen/living/dining
2 bedrooms with joint ensuite
Guest bedroom
Music room
Butler’s pantry + laundry
2 car garage + workshop
Ribbon strip Colorbond and Black Butt timber cladding
Landscaping including pool
Hydronic heating
Grid connect solar
Built to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 29



We spoke to director Jan Gyrn, to learn more about the story behind:

The Plus: It seems the main element is wood, why wood?
Jan Gyrn:
Timber was used as a nod to the idyllic bush surroundings.
The approach and transition into the home was an integral part of the design and, as occupants move through the timber battened walkway, dappled light from the courtyard filters through, mimicking the light filtering through the leaves of the trees.

TP: How long did MODSCAPE use to complete Berry?
All of our homes are fabricated to completion prior to leaving our factory. This not only minimises the amount of on-site work required, but also enables us to oversee and achieve a consistent level of quality.
Construction of the Berry project – like all of our residential projects – was completed in just 12 weeks from receipt of the necessary permits. We have a dedicated team of carpenters and subcontractors who undertook the built works within our factory on Brooklyn.



TP: “11 modules” were mentioned in the Description – what the 11 modules are?
All of our projects are made using modules. A module is a fully welded structural steel frame that uses structurally insulated panels to create a highly insulated cell. Modules are used to create almost any configuration of spaces and can be made at any size to suit the design. The Berry project utilised 11 modules.

TP: Why did you decide to build the protective walls?
Protective walls envelope the holiday home to provide a private haven from the busy road below and to ensure the home is secure during long periods of vacancy.



TP: What do you think the contrast of the result – displaying this concrete cube in the forest?
Vegetation including vines will be planted around the wall. The contrast of the concrete cube against the bush will slowly develop and change over time as the vegetation grows and takes over. The beauty of this is that the exterior of the home will be different every time the clients visit.

TP: What’s the signature of this design?
The signature of this design is the restrained finishes palette. Minimal and modest with timber, concrete and zinc, the design compliments the beautiful bush and mountain landscape beyond.



TP: Tell us a little bit more about MODSCAPE, what make MODSCAPE’s design so unique?
Modscape utilises the benefits of modular design and prefabrication to create architecturally designed, innovative and sustainable homes and buildings. Our design process draws inspiration from the Danish heritage of our Director, Jan Gyrn. Design and finish options are limitless, but every design is the result of genuine collaboration with our clients, centring around their site, spatial requirements and their budget. The design team at Modscape can also work with a client’s preferred architect or be directed by their own proposed concept designs.