Enchanting Norway

Bewitching Photographs Of Norway’s Awe-Inspiring Nature

The Enchanted Land4
We can’t get enough of visual artist Bjørg-Elise Tuppen’s enchanting fine art photography. Her latest series in two parts, The Enchanted Land takes us back to her Norwegian homeland. Taken in the remote fishing city of Harstad, her images capture the immense scope of Arctic Norway’s breathtaking icy landscapes.

“I love the amount of wilderness we are surrounded with.”

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She conveys the extreme proximity of isolation and intimacy, where one can truly witness the depths of nature and be amazed by its power. We are therefore reminded that bleak can also be beautiful.

“landscape photography is what inspires me the most.”

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The Plus: How long did you normally spend when you went out for shooting?
Bjørg-Elise Tuppen:
That differs; sometime I plan ahead and use a whole day or even a weekend. I either drive around or go hiking. Other times I see that the light or weather is just right and just grab my camera and run outside. That said I seldom leave the house without my camera.

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TP: Your favorite season of the year.
That’s a difficult one. Because most of all I really love the great contrasts in the seasons up here. It makes you appreciate each one. But saying that The Time of Darkness during the winter is my favorite period of the year to portray. I love how the darkness underlines the light, making it the most defining aspect during the time when the sun is under the horizon even on its highest point.

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TP: What outdoor activity you would go for during the time of darkness?
Swim in the sea – I have done, but almost never did. It’s extremely cold, but also refreshing and thrill evoking. More ordinary activities during this period are snowboarding, hiking, and of course, you have to make a snowman.

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TP: What do you love the most about Northern Norway?
There are a lot of things to love about this region. Of course the scenery and seasons are amazing up here with the midnight sun in the summer and fantastic winters. But I also love that the region is sparsely populated (only 9.3% of Norway’s population live in Northern Norway). And I also love the amount of wilderness we are surrounded with.

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