Interpreting Fusion

Lovable KNIT Collection Blending Vintage And Modern Design

We are delighted to be featuring the recently developed 2015 KNIT collection by Curver, designed to perfection by Red-Dot award winner, Israeli designer Reut Itzhak-Sigron. Using an innovative blend of plastic with resin, Curver have brought out everyday functional products with a unique touch of comfort and homeliness that hopes to warm the senses and provide an intimate, luxurious sensation.

Reut, who lives and works in Israel, graduated from the Industrial Design course at Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, Tel Aviv, in 2005. Two years later she joined Keter, a world leading mass production plastic manufacturer as a designer. This year, she has risen to Head of Design and Development at Keter Plastic.

The KNIT collection has been beautifully photographed by Ania Wawrzkowicz and Daniel Lailah, featuring an array of both indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories, including seating poufs, stools, tables, baskets and more. It is clear that these products, with their round shapes and smooth looks, have been designed with only the highest satisfaction expectations in mind, while also looking to the world of fashion to keep up with the game. In many ways, KNIT is paving the way for new standards of excellence in the design-world to be the voice of new ways of creating.

“We are reinterpreting knit for new products and a new generation,” Reut tells us, excitedly.

We caught up with her to find out more:

The Plus: Why did you choose knitwear for this collection?
Reut Itzhak-Sigron:
As part of this contemporary trend, ancient crafts like knitting and weaving are finding new life. They are making the transition from nostalgic throwbacks to progressive expressions of style combined with high functionality.

TP: What influenced your choices of design for KNIT?.
KNIT for me is a childhood story. I would anxiously wait for winter, for my Grandmother’s traditional ceremony to commence. It was a cherished ritual that would begin with my Grandmother meticulously taking my measurements, sitting me beside her as we scoured through magazines, finally choosing just the right pattern that would be mine. At my next visit, Grandma Aliza would gently lay the knitted pieces over me, and then unravel and re-knit – again and again- to weave it into a perfect fit. These winter childhood memories, together with the contemporary knitted trend around the world, paved the way for a long and fascinating journey of unraveling and re-knitting … this time, from resin.

TP: Can you tell us about your creative process?
Knitting, and knitted products, such as an old sweater or a beloved Teddy bear, automatically creates associations with warmth and nostalgia. Reflecting a sense of familiarity, cosiness, softness and other emotional values.
At the very beginning of the “KNIT” creative process I asked myself: “How do we, or can we even, reach a sense of warmness and nostalgia in resin-based products?” In order to answer this question, I and the Keter Design Lab started a long and meticulous research.
First, we carefully studied traditional knitting techniques and their essence by unraveling them into their basic segments and understanding their routes.
Then, after re-knitting the segments (this time creating it as a computer file) we printed little knitted tiles using a 3D printer. The effect was exciting and nice but I realized that in order to develop this into a product, we must “dress” it on the right curved and cozy shapes, figuring out how the knit transforms from the base to the rim according to the geometry of such shapes.
At this point, this new design language was very impressive in 3D printed models but, in order to make the high quality KNIT collection accessible and affordable, there were still some complicated technological challenges to solve. Over time, Keter experts in plastic injection successfully overcame the challenge by developing a unique patented mold and the new KNIT collection was launched.

TP: What emotions and feelings do you hope the product will bring to people?
I really hope the resin KNIT collection will bring to people the sense of warmness and nostalgia that I aimed for at the very beginning of this long and fascinating journey. I hope that the weaves we so carefully ‘knitted’ on the round and cozy shapes, combined with a fashionable spectrum of warm and cool colours will surprise people and make them smile all the way back to their “knitted” childhood memories.

TP: Who are your heroes of the art & design world?
It was an article I read on the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his Fallingwater residence masterpiece. The way Wright designed the house shape and structure, and the choice of materials, thinking about every little detail to integrate with the natural surroundings, still amazes and inspires me.

TP: What else can we expect from you in the near future?
I aim to design innovative plastic products that will bring an emotional value to people, combining it with the everyday functional qualities of resin material. In the near future, I hope that more of our innovative ideas will evolve into desirable products that make people smile and think.