Love And Affection Between Two Dogs

Former-Fashion Photographer Turns Her Talents Towards Cute Images Of Dogs In New Book

Fluffy, lighthearted and fun pictures of the cutest dogs have been delectably fashioned by NYC-based photographer Shaina Fishman. Brought together in a beautiful new book, Between Two Dogs, gives its viewers devilishly loveable portraits of the human’s old-time best friend. “I wanted to capture the unique moments and the bond between two dogs,” explains Shaina.

Having honed her skills as a professional commercial photographer, beginning in the fashion industry, Shaina finally found that her talents were calling her elsewhere, towards animals:

“To unwind after a day on a fashion shoot I would go to the dog-park with my dog, Cosmo, and photograph him and other dogs playing. I loved capturing these images and soon realized that photographing animals was where my talents and interests converged.”

It’s not difficult to see why Shaina was attracted to this job: the images are just adorable. The dogs are photographed in pairs so as to deliberate on their relationships, and their affection for one another. With some luck, the photographs will transport the viewer from the book’s clean pages into everyday settings, where dogs can be seen as loveable creatures whether posing in a photography studio or sniffing each others’ butts in the park.

We wanted to find out more, so we caught up with Shaina for a chat:

The Plus: Tell us about your artistic background.
Shaina Fishman:
I studied commercial photography at Syracuse University with the intent of becoming a fashion photographer. While my fashion photography roots still influence my work, my focus turned to dogs and cats.

TP: What inspired the book Between Two Dogs?
The concept for the book came from an image I captured early on in my career. It is of two bulldogs, a puppy and an adult that are playing. The puppy is biting the adult’s ear who is lying on her back appearing to be laughing. It is this image that the publisher and so many others love that was the inspiration for the book.


TP: What was the most exciting part of producing the book, and how long did it take?
The most exciting part of the book was no doubt the photo shoots and getting to cuddle so many wonderful dogs. The shoots took about 6 months and I shot on weekends to better accommodate the owners. Post-production from editing to retouching took about three months. Editing was probably the most difficult aspect since some dogs gave me literally hundreds of amazing images. I could do a single book on just the chocolate Labrador puppies or Dalmatian puppies.

TP: What compositional techniques did you use to achieve the desired outcome?
Most of my work is shot in the studio, a setting I am comfortable in. As for compositional techniques, a lot of the dogs put themselves into cute positions while playing or cuddling. Sometimes I would shift them slightly to make it better for the angle I was shooting at or to be able to capture both of their faces. I did not want them too posed and perfect.

TP: What sort of impact/outcome are you expecting from this book?
I want the audience of the images to not only see a cute dog but to see a personality and an emotion that is relatable and humorous. Like us, dogs have relationships, they have feelings, they have compassion and I want the viewer, especially the ones that don’t understand dogs, to understand that.

TP: Is dog (hu)man’s best friend?
My dog is certainly my best friend but I can’t speak for everyone.

TP: What else can we expect from you in the near future?
Right now I have about 5 different projects in different stages that I’m working on. In the future you can definitely expect more amazing imagery of dogs and cats.
Between Two Dogs Cover