Eco-Friendly Paradise

The Spanish Architect Whose Wooden House Is A Marvel Of Sustainable Architecture

High in the hills of Sant Cugat, a small town north of Barcelona, is an incredible feat of sustainable modern architecture. Wood Studio House, the new project by Dom Arquitectura is a remarkable sight to behold. The main architect, Pablo Serrano Elorduy and his team of dedicated interior designers, created the building to be as eco-friendly as possible, leaving no ground unturned. “We tried to face this project as a perfect sustainable project,” Pablo told us.

Leading the way in environmentally conscious architecture, Wood Studio House takes an approach to space that is characterized by its friendliness towards humans and the nature we must live with in harmony. In this way, the project is diametrically opposed to cramped city housing often riddled with poverty and poor living. Having seemingly taken everything into account for Wood Studio House, Pablo has designed the building with effective solutions in mind: solar panels for heat, wood fibre for thermal insulation, and even areas of natural shading with the nearby deciduous trees. Most impressive of all is the in-built rainwater harvest system, in which rainwater is collected under the house in a tank ready for irrigation. Not to mention the impeccable interior design, as well as the wooden slats that characterize the house’s exterior. We think it’s just beautiful.

We caught up with Pablo to find out more:

The Plus: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your artistic background?
Pablo Serrano Elorduy:
I’m a father of three children, and I enjoy the life with my family, my friends, the sport, and the nature. I love studying architecture, new projects and the new tendencies of the architects.

TP: How did Dom Arquitectura get started?
My mother and my partner are experienced interior designers, so when I finished my degree in architecture, I worked in several recognized architecture studios to get some good experience, and then we decided to start Dom Arquitectura together.

TP: How was your collaboration with the interior designer, Blanca?
As always, I start the design of the structure, the volumes and the space, we speak and discuss every step together, and then she proposes the material, the finishes, and the lighting and furniture, also respecting my point of view. We are a good team!

TP: From the project’s description it seems like you’ve taken everything into account. Is there anything you’re particularly proud of?
The final result, and the comfort that you can feel now in the interior of the house is fantastic.

TP: How do you imagine the future of architecture?
Here in Spain it has been a tough period, but I think it has cleaned the map. Now the architecture has to be more delicate, more conscious, it should respect the environment more, and try to leverage resources and be more sustainable.

TP: What’s next for you and for Dom Arquitectura?
You never know, every day is a surprise! We enjoy the present and the projects that are now in the studio.


Architect: Pablo Serrano Elorduy
Interior designer: Blanca Elorduy
Collaborators: Sebastia (Fustes)
Area: 76 m2

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