Convenience-Colouring For Notebook Travellers

Inside The Notebook That Gives Adults The Fun Of Colouring-In!

Who said colouring is an activity only for children? Such a notion is light years away from the brains behind Coloring Notebook, the creation of duo Nick Nikolaiev & Serge Turchin.

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As a project manager by trade, and Serge with experience in the advertising industry and in manufacturing printed products, the duo became an ideal combination for driving their ideas forward until they could hardly believe it was happening for real. “Serge is a huge fan of adult coloring books,” Nick tells us. “And he’s not ashamed to admit that!” It all started with an email, we are told. A casual acquaintance hooked themselves upon the idea and asked pair of entrepreneurs if they had a colouring book for sale. Their response? “They do seem like an awesome idea! Let’s give it a try!”

Using the finest Japanese paper, each second page is full of unique and intricate patterns created by an international hoard of graphic artists. There’s the choice of decorative owls, hot-air balloons, stripey tights, buttons of a variety of sizes and shapes, and a bloated giant squid, to name just a few, and all are ready to be splashed with colour. The joy of colouring in is a relaxing and creative moment for everyone in between the more uptight moments of fervently jotting down important notes. What a great way to keep track of your day.

We spoke to one of the two masterminds to find out more:

The Plus: Tell us a little bit about the background of ColoringNotebook. How did you start this idea?
Nick Nikolaiev:
The idea of mashing up a coloring book and a notebook came up rather spontaneous. I was packing for a trip the other day. The road was long and dull, so I was thinking of some ways to keep myself occupied. I wanted to take my coloring book, but it was too bulky and didn’t fit inside my carry-on. So, I just printed out a few random coloring page, eclosed them into my notebook and was off to go. During the ride, my friends noticed what I was doing. We all agreed that a notebook with coloring pages is so convenient and easy to carry everywhere with you.
Afterwards, things got traction. I shared this idea with a few more friends, and those hooked me up with their friends who also liked the idea and joined the team. Some few months later we were all giddy with excitement when unwrapping the first copy of The ColoringNotebook.

TP: There are over 50 original coloring pages, did you commission any artists for the art works? How many are they?
We have an amazing crew with the most talented graphic artists from Australia, Canada, France, Italy, The US, Ukraine and Japan. However, it all started with just one illustrator-buddy. Now, we’ve got seven talents on board.

TP: How was the collaboration process with the artists you work with?
It was pretty old-school – we used email. First, together with the artists we choose and approved a few artwork ideas. Next, the author sketches a draft version and we make some suggestions and edits if necessary. In most cases, we’ve gotten amazing artwork from the first try. Nothing extra was needed. Just sharpen those pencils and start coloring. Sometimes the graphics looks amazing in every way, but when you start coloring it turns out too complicated/too simple/too unappealing in color and so on. We had to pass on such illustrations eventually and didn’t include them into the final edition.

TP: What made the notebook more special than the other notebooks apart from the coloring function?
The product quality. It may sound a bit snobbish, but most notebooks these days could have been much better in terms of quality and materials used. In our case, beware: We have created a notebook you will not want to unhand.

TP: Can people choose to mix the paper type (for example having all three: blank, dot gird and ruled, or have two of them) in one notebook?
Actually, no. But a few people already asked about this, so we’ll probably make a special mixed-paper edition next.

TP: Are you going to change the retail price when it’s available next year?
We are selling the ColoringNotebook for $19.95 until February 25th, then the price will progressively increase up to the regular retail price of $25.95.

TP: Any plans for developing ColoringNotebook?
First of all, we plan to make themed editions. I won’t give out more details on this right now as I don’t want to spoil the fun. What I can say for sure is that we are not stopping with this single edition. Adults need more coloring, don’t you think?