Pocket-Friendly Water Transportation

Sustainable and Sleek Water Bottles For The Environmentally Conscious

Forget about large, cylindrical water bottles and canned drinks. They may slot neatly into your hands clasped by the firm grip of your fingers, but they never seem to fit inside a bag, always taking up too much space. Behold! The future is upon us with the A6 Memobottle, a sleek new design for liquid transportation that resembles a hip-flask, if it weren’t for its transparency and specific water-drinking purposes.

Officially launched to the public on 27 October, co-founders, Jesse Leeworthy (Melbourne, Australia) and Jonathan Byrt (San Diego, California), began the project as a Kickstarter campaign and, to their surprise, it took off. “Nothing can top the excitement and overwhelming experience of the Kickstarter launch,” Jesse reflected.


“We had exposed the concept and prototypes to friends and family but the true validation came when we launched the memobottle on Kickstarter. We were exposed, the idea was out in the world and the people were going to decide.”

Having been developed from the earlier version, a far bigger size, the creative duo decided to downside the product from A4 and A5, creating an optimized effect that perfectly complements a contemporary business aesthetic, fit for spaces such as laptop bags, handbags and even pockets. Since its launch, the bottle is being sold in over 7 external warehouses around the world. The creative team have also made a deal with the Museum of Modern Art in Austria (MUMOK).

We caught up with Jesse to ask him more:

TP: Why specifically did you decide to launch the A6 size?
Jesse Leeworthy:
The smaller size reflects the DIN-A6 paper size, which means that that convenience and usability of the A6 memobottle has been enhanced from the A5 model. It is designed for the people who drink water and have an environmental conscience. We don’t want people to buy this bottle who aren’t going to use it – that goes against everything that we stand for. We aim to create useful and beautiful products that can assist in bringing us back to a more reusable society.

TP: How’s the collaboration between you and Jonathan Byrt so far?
The collaboration between Jonathan and myself has always been a great experience. From the moment we decided to launch memobottle and define what it actually stood for we were based in different countries. Jonathan was in San Diego, California and I was based in Melbourne, Australia. Starting a business while being in two different countries had it’s challenges. All of our platforms and processes are automated, allowing us to be working remotely at any given time. Everything is now centralized allowing huge efficiencies for our business. It’s always great to catch up with Jonathan in person!

TP: What special about memobottle compare to your previous designs?
The memobottle has been designed as a vehicle to spread the word about the harmful effects of single-use bottle on the environment. When I was designing the memobottle I knew that we had to provide the users with an iconic design that wasn’t just more sustainable but it had to be a convenient alternative. We hope that this will help people think differently about the way they consume water and where it comes from.

TP: What’s your next design?
That one is a little top secret at the moment but we can say that we have a lot planned for memobottle over the next couple of years.
We have also set up the #onebottlemovement, a platform for people interested in moving towards a more reusable society. We are looking to continue to spread the word about environmental hazards while providing useful and desirable alternatives.