Cut Out And Play

Glaswegian Duo Return With High-Powered Hypnotic Music Video Made With Colourful Cut-Outs

Shining straight out of Glasgow are vibrant duo Tuff Love, an outfit comrpised of guitarist and vocalist Julie Eisenstein and bassist and vocalist Suse Bear. With an irresistable new music video called Duke to accompany their third E.P, Dregs, the duo are steadily on the rise to become one of the most loveable acts to emerge from the last year. One only needs to watch the music video to find out why.

Directed by Ben Cowie and Alan Cameron, famous for Wake Up Advice, the video takes simple coloured cardboard cut-outs, and works with colourful pattern combinations and quick sharp editing cuts to create an illusion of choppiness and speed, with ever-playful, energetic and youthful vibes, thrown into the mix. Compared to their first video Sweet Disconent, the band discovered that this new work was more readily enjoyable for them. “That (Sweet Discontent) was quite stressful (also it was green screen, argh,” bassists Suse reflects), “so it’s nice having other people you trust creatively be in control.”

As a fun record reflected in the aesthetic choices of the video, the result is fresh. “They’re great at making striking videos that are simple(ish) to film, but need a lot of work in the edit,” Suse tells us, remarking on working with the two directors, who also directed the video for their previous release, Slammer.

“Compared to other videos it was probably the silliest video filming experience we’ve ever had. We had a really funny day.”

With the band set to be hitting the road for a full UK and European tour, we caught up with bassist, Suse, to get the lowdown on their process and influences:

The Plus: How were you feeling while making the new video? How did it compare to previous music video-making experiences?
Suse Bear:
It was fun – it’s our second video with the Wake Up Advice guys and they’re so chill. It was quite a physically difficult day – as we had to lie on the ground and stick our heads through these little cardboard holes (Ben & Alan had measured our faces a day earlier) and it involved a lot of ab crunching or planking. We were quite sore afterwards – we imagine that’s how you feel after doing an extended pilates sesh.

TP: Who came up with the idea and how did it evolve?
Ben and Alan came up with the idea. They hand drew stripes on tonnes of different paper, and they showed us a mood board/colour board before we began work and we lovvved it. The colour combos are 10/10 (they’re great at that). We weren’t totally sure how it was going to look in the end but we trusted it was gonna be good because they’re good. Also it’s kind of fitting that we look so strained in the video – it fits with the lyrics pretty well.

TP: What part of making the video was most frustrating?
We suppose it’s always a bit annoying having to lip sync to your own song 100 times in a day – so that was frustrating. Because it’s such a simple concept (same shot 100 times, with different patterns placed over the top of us) our job was just putting our heads through these holes and singing the song. Ben and Alan did all the actual hard work and prep, so for us it was quite repetitive. Having to crawl into the little boxes Ben & Alan had made was funny, it was quite claustrophobic. We were lying down trying to keep our heads supported for 6-8ish hours. Julie had to escape a few times.

Cut Out And Play
TP: And the most fun?
We filmed in Ben’s flat and he has this amazing white cat called Nancy. Cats are exciting because they don’t want you near them normally then when they do give you the time of day it’s like OHHHHHH THANK YOU CAT!!

TP: What music are you most influenced by?
We like loads of different things – we’re both into music that connects with us emotionally. I know that sounds like a really obvious thing to say but I just mean that I’m not particularly into ‘party’ music or music that’s meant to get you pumped for going out. I’ve been listening to this guy Rival Consoles loads – his music is insane. It sounds all warm and analog; it hits you right in the soul. Also Alex G is an incredible songwriter. His songs are so progressive and exciting, argh. I also think listening to a lot of punk music (Descendants, NOFX etc) influenced me a lot as we write short to the point songs. They’re getting longer though.. maybe…

TP: What’s next for Tuff Love?
We’re on tour in November which will be nice because we’ve been back in Glasgow for a month or so rehearsing the new E.P, and can’t wait to go play it to people. We’re also filming another video soon for another tune off Dregs. Fingers crossed we get to do it in Ben’s flat again so we can visit his cat. We’re going to bring her a present this time so she likes us more.

Behind the scenes: