Alphabets and Dogs

One For Dog Lovers Everywhere As Romanian Artist Combines Letters with Beautiful Images of Dogs

Dog Alphabet1
Romanian typographer and illustrator, Andrei Clompos, has embarked upon a new typographic series that will chime both with dog lovers and anyone with an obsession for the alphabet. To his credit, Andrei has found a popular visual form to accompany the sequence of letters found in the English language: breeds of dogs, one for each letter, will no doubt be a firm favourite for many.

With a name like Dog Alphabet, this series has no pretensions. It is what it is, and one can imagine that it will become a useful tool in many areas of society: in the classroom as a teaching instrument for children, and for dog-lovers in the home, even a present for someone’s dog.

Born out of his previous project, described as ‘The Study of the Typographic Element in the Virtual World’, Andrei tells us that Dog Alphabet is “pretty similar. That of combining two different things, one from the virtual world, one from the real world: in my case: letters with dogs.”

Dog Alphabet2
Dog Alphabet3
Dog Alphabet4
We had a chat with him to find out more:

The Plus: Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I’m 27 years old and I’m living in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I’ve been at art college – studying painting and Art & Design, and working for a few years as a graphic designer, Game artist, UI designer and freelancer.

TP: What was your creative process?
First I started a few tests with my dog, Juno, sketches on paper and digital (the one from the B-letter). After that it was with another dog, and the alphabet started to take shape.

Dog Alphabet5

TP: Your favourite dog in the series?
Of course my dog is my favourite one! Beagle Juno.

TP: What’s next for you?
Feedback from this project was really good, so I’ll make a few more posters for people with other breeds than the ones in this series.
Also I’ll add here prints and other stuff for people interesting buying their favourite.

Dog Alphabet6
Dog Alphabet7
Dog Alphabet8
Dog Alphabet9
Dog Alphabet10
Dog Alphabet11
Dog Alphabet12
Dog Alphabet13
Dog Alphabet14
Dog Alphabet15
Dog Alphabet16
Dog Alphabet17
Dog Alphabet18
Dog Alphabet19
Dog Alphabet20
Dog Alphabet21
Dog Alphabet22
Dog Alphabet23
Dog Alphabet24
Dog Alphabet26