Time Flows

This Fluid Time-Piece Changes Combines Technology and Design Effortlessly

RHEI is a new concept design from Damjan Stanković that is revolutionising way we view timepieces. Having come up with the concept 4 years ago, Damjan fell in love with the multi-faceted properties of ferrofluid, a fluid containing magnetic suspension. “I was immediately hooked,” he told us, “I started to think about how interesting it is, and wondered if you could make something concrete out of it.”

He then embarked on the long process leading to the creation of the concept project, collaborating on the electronics with Marko Pavlović, to use the ferrofluid to create a beautiful timepiece combining both design and technology. Despite initially running into problems, he was able to finally create a clock that is both sophisticated in technology and design.

RHEI: Making Of

Damjan recalls, “the ferrofluid was problematic, with its ability to stain everything it touched – the same with glass. It was few months of trying different suspension liquids and treatments before I finally made it stay within the glass without staining.” After a lengthy experimentation phase, the RHEI clock was born, and has already picked up a Red-Dot design award this year.

We touched base with Damjan to find out more about RHEI.

The Plus: Have you always been passionate about product design?
Damjan Stanković:
I can say that i was always passionate about design itself, and few years ago I developed a huge passion towards industrial and product design. I love aesthetics and beautiful objects, but I also like complex mechanisms and the way the things work.

TP: The short film you created was beautifully made and evoked a lot of emotion. Was that your intention?
Yes definitely. I told guys from Rollercoaster Videos the whole story and all I’ve been through. I asked them to try and transfer at least part of that amazing journey to the viewers, and I think they did a great job.

TP: How do you feel RHEI will revolutionise the way we see timepieces?
[I hope] it will spark some inspiration and ideas among the creative community, and invite them to look at problems from different angles.

TP: What are your hopes for RHEI long-term?
At this moment I’m not sure. I would love for it to end up in some museum for example. Also I would love to launch a small series of handmade versions that would end up in the hands of some collectors and art enthusiasts.

TP: Do you have any future/upcoming projects ahead? Can you tell us about them?
Yes! At this moment I’m preparing to jump in a new project, all I can say is that it’s a lamp like no other.