Melancholy Memories

Italian Photographer Explores Rooms and the Memories Attached to Them in This Emotive Photo-Series

Self-taught photographer Cristina Coral‘s approach to images has always been as a natural form of expression. “When I chose the camera as my main artistic expression, I immediately understood what it would give me, in terms of experimentation, discovery of the world around me and moreover, myself.” Cristina explains, who has received press from the likes of Vogue Italia, Lense Culture and many more.

Her recent photo-series Rooms, explores the nature of the past, and the history of spaces in a delicate, unimposing way. With many of her subjects looking forlorn, displaced or alone – it evokes a whole range of emotions for the viewers, with an air of mystery surrounding the elegant series of photographs, conjuring a feeling of nostalgia. The unique photo-set offer a look into the mind of Cristina, exploring her own relationship with past memories.

We spoke with Cristina to find out more about her latest work.

TP: In the past, you have discussed photography as an imperative language; can you explain your stance on this?
Cristina Coral:
Photography is the most direct way of expressing my inner dialogue. I find that it is the most effective way for me to communicate with the outer world, and it enables me to tell my story.

TP: Your series “Rooms” evokes deep emotions. What story were you trying to tell with it?
Rooms is about telling stories of the past, and sharing memories. In my eyes, the spaces are the real protagonists of my images. They contain the dimension of my thoughts.

TP: How long did it take you to shoot “Rooms” and why did you decide to do it?
The project started in 2013 when I took pictures in apartments and historic villas in my town. Then, in 2014, after some reflections on the photographs, the project had been realized, and I began to put it together.

TP: How would you describe your work?
I call it “the silence that resonates”.

TP: Do you have any upcoming projects?
I’m still working on the “hidden beauty” series, dialogues with art, and my another portraits.