A Timeless Collaboration

Designer couple team up with Industrial designer Sam Wilkinson in new watch line

This year’s London Design Festival sees all kinds of inventive designers exhibiting their weird, wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful creations. Glasgow based Nomad Watches caught our eye with their collaborative project with famous industrial and lighting designer Samuel Wilkinson.

The watches are clean in design, with a variety of colour ways to choose from. The collection, Moltaire is the first time Wilkinson has designed watches, and as he mentioned in a recent interview, it was “a watch that I would like to wear, something that was expressive and a bit avant garde but still functional; a refined watch that has subtlety”. Judging from the current collection, the fluid and complimentary collaboration has paved the way for more to come, and more watches from Nomad can only be a good thing.

Owned by married couple Kelsey and Allen, the two fell in love with Wilkinson’s designs and asked him to collaborate. “He was at the top of our list to work with”, Kelsey recalls. We caught up with the pair at designjunction 2015 to find out more on what it was like working with Sam and their hopes for Nomad.

The Plus: Tell me about yourself and Nomad.
Kelsey Moore:
Myself and my husband are the owners of the company Nomad. We’ve been in the watch industry for five years now, and sold other brands of watches. We’ve yet to discover our perfect watch, so we kind of decided to set out to find our perfect watch. We are trying to work with industrial designers from around the world and keep creating beautiful watches.

TP: Why did you decide to get into watches?
I’ve always loved watches. I didn’t really like my full time job and started this kind of on a whim, then it just got bigger and bigger until we had to leave our jobs. We’re happy with our first selection, and we’re excited to do more! The reception has been very positive so far.

TP: Why did you choose Sam Wilkinson to collaborate with?
We’ve always been huge fans of his work, I’m really passionate about what he does and we immediately wanted to work with him.

TP: Where can we buy one?
They will be stocked through Twisted Time (www.twistedtime.com), select retailers and nomadwatches.com. The watches are available for pre-order now, and all orders will ship around the first week of December.

TP: What’s next for the brand?
The plan is to continue with this line, we might be doing a smaller range also. There are so many different options for the colour ways on these. We just want to continue working with different industrial design studios from around the world. There’s one designer we’ve been looking at in Sweden, but any more would be telling!


Photos by Sylvain Deleu.