A True Spectacle

Unique Eyewear Design that will have You Eclipsing Everyone Around You

Some designs are functional, others make ostentatious displays. For XYZ Integrated Architecture their latest piece of ‘Urban Eyewear,’ Eclipse Eyeglasses sort of does both, so long as the function is attracting attention – “Eclipse is not only a statement but a clear practical application too; if you are keen to be the centre of attention,” founder Levan Lominashvili quips to us.


Eclipse garners its name from the circular plates that overlap each other, thus playfully invoking the interaction between the solar and lunar bodies during that most iconic of celestial dances. The striking designs feature bold colours which are sure to catch the eye of anyone in proximity to the wearer.

Eschewing the somewhat stale and all too ordinary spectacle design that employs arms, Eclipse instead utilises elasticated cord. “Having Charles Darwin’s theory in mind I used ropes,” Levan explains. “I’m talking about ‘cultural selection’ that is similar to ‘natural selection’. According to this law the aim of design is to produce new forms to elicit which form is the most viable.”

We got some more thoughts from Levan on this out-of-this world eyewear.

The Plus: What’s XYZ Integrated Architecture all about?
Levan Lominashvili:
I started XYZ  Integrated Architecture in 2005. In 2013 a design branch followed. We love to start from scratch, from nothingness and  hope that, eventually, our works, just like loyal dogs, will evolve into resembling their owners.

TP: What was the inspiration for the Eclipse Eyewear?
Our source of inspiration is among others Poul Henningsen’s work, his lamps understandably.

TP: Is it unusual for an architecture firm to design what is essentially a fashion item? 
Formation of any new genre of art results from its own inflation.  Hence all genres of art, including architecture and fashion have the same foundation. So there is nothing surprising if an architect gets interested in fashion and vice versa.

TP: How did the challenge differ from usual ‘architectural’ projects?
The difference is that when I am creating fashion items I enjoy a higher degree of creative freedom, I compromise less as there is no pressure to market it, no customers… only the vision, the dreams and the process of dealing with technical restrictions.

TP: Where do you see Eclipse? Is it purely high-fashion or can it be worn as an everyday item?
Eclipse is not an item to be worn daily. I see its two applications: in high fashion and exclusive events, and eventually a museum artefact.

TP: Will you do more eyewear after this?
Eclipse is the fourth model in my eyeglass collection and before the end of this year we will present two new ones.