Turning Dreams into Reality

Explore the Human Condition through this Photographer’s Expressive and Visual Storytelling

When you delve into the work of Portuguese photographer Pedro Sampaio Castro, you are instantly transported into a dream-like reality. There is an air of mystery, and above all a sense of calm. With a colourful collection, dappled with hues of greenish blue throughout, the fluidity of Castro’s work is breathtaking.

Pedro hadn’t always intended to be a visual artist. He initially studied to become a clinical psychologist, but after much soul-searching, he decided to focus his efforts on his first love; photography. Pedro has amassed almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, with his striking feed a great example of visual mastery and storytelling.

“The most common themes I like to express are magic, natural surrealism and dreams,” he tells us. “The human condition, behavior and expression are the key messages to understand my concepts”.

Pedro’s work stunningly depicts the human condition, with a nod to his background in clinical neuropsychology, which he says has helped with his work: “My theoretical background has actually helped me to see things as I do now. The psychological effect can be seen throughout my work”.

Pedro invited us to discover more about the man behind the camera:

The Plus: How did you first find photography?
Pedro Sampaio Castro:
The romantic story started when I used to play with my dad’s canon Ae-1, but photography only hit me later in life. I have an MBA in Clinical Neuropsychology but as soon as I started working, I realised I wasn’t following my true passion and what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life: photography.

TP: How would you describe your style? What makes it unique?
My photos balance between a moody place and a colourful one.

TP: Do you do client-based work? If so how do you find this different from doing your own projects?
It’s a creative process itself. Like it makes you defy priorities, makes your thinking change gear. I usually put some of me in client-based work such as ideas, concepts and art direction style; but 70% of it is about the brand and client intentions. I love doing both.

TP: As an artist, do you tend to start with a specific aesthetic or concept?
Yes. In order to stand out in the crowd there is a need to have a personal aesthetic that can contribute to something new for the viewer. However, this comes to me unintentionally since I’m always searching for quirky new stuff. That means I’m only truly showing myself, and the way that I look at things. Sometimes concepts come in my dreams, watching a movie or simply in a conversation with friends. Then I explore the idea until it becomes solid and worthy to share. My Samsorial series are an example of that, they represent an allusion to our senses and sensorial memory and the whole idea started when I was just unpacking mail.

TP: What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I dream in my bed, but it is only when I get up that I start fulfilling them!

TP: What are you working on now?
Cleaning styrofoam out of my studio and finishing my #samsorial series for a showcase!