Chandelier Reinvented

Taking Inspiration from Nature, this is a Chandelier for the 21st Century

Design has the ability to transform the world around us – in grand projects but also in the small ways we experience the everyday – both can be equally profound. Estonian design studio, Keha 3 take this assertion at the core of their values. “We founded Keha 3 to make the world a better and a more interesting place. We have ambition, courage and experience to accomplish great things,“ they enthuse. Their recent Branch Chandelier design embodies such a bold statement.

The design completely flips all the assocaitions of opulance and granduer typically applied to chandeliers on their head, reinventing it for contemoprary setting. “The former flamboyant luminaire which demonstrated wealth, power and festivity has changed into a object that carries a modern message of recycling (aluminium), retrenchment ( LED, DIM), conservancy (branch) and extols functional rationality,” they told us.

Keha 3 are dedicated to working with skilled local artisans when producing their designs “to carry on emotions through generations, and create a bridge of memories between different generations by cementing a feeling of belonging”. The Branch Chandelier can be customised to the customer’s needs, with as many ’branches’ as required, and the branches can be moved in various angles by the user to create unique and interesting shapes.

Keha 3 told us more:

The Plus: What is Keha 3’s unique selling point?
Keha 3:
All our products are made with the belief that we are doing the right thing! We wish to bring to the public space functional and durable products that support, create and assert the local identity. We feel this is important in this fast-paced, superficial, increasingly plain and rushing space.

The Plus: What was the inspiration for the branch chandelier?
The whole concept of the branch chandelier is based on the profile named Wannabe which was also developed by us. The idea is to construct unique and non-recurring forms of lightings that in the end make up a luminaire family of Wannabe profile. The inspiration for the branch chandelier came from nowhere but nature itself.

TP: Chandeliers are typically associated with luxury and opulence, whereas this light seems quite austere and functional…was that an intentional contrast?
The change of paradigm brings alterations in general understanding as well – including in objects such as chandeliers. The Branch Chandelier represents functional rationality, which is – in my opinion – something that we comprehend in industial aesthetics. As the world around us is in constant change, the luminaires have to keep up and change with it.

TP: What are the key design elements?
Thanks to the joints/hinges the elements of the bough can be easily turned, and therefore it is hard to get a similar external-shape effect: every lighter is unique as a non-recurring handiwork of this nature. The Y-shaped constructional elements used to create the boughs are turning into a different positions relative to each other, and this is the second unique component.

TP: Why did you choose aluminium?
It is light, durable, recyclable and an excellent heat conductor.

TP: What other designs does the studio have coming up?
We do have a few things coming up. For example a garden lighting named S.Hark which is an interesting combo inspired by dandelion and dung fork. Then an extremely strong street bench VINKEL that is put together with an elegantly easy mode. Under develoment is also a luminaire for bus stops that has an autonomous charging system.