Feel the Colours

The Hypnotic Video that Expresses Emotions through Colour and Form

Some of the best things in this world are the result of happy accidents. And the short, but moving video, The Color of Feelings by Lyon-based filmmaker Thomas Blanchard epitomises that phenomenon. “At first I was just attempting to create oneiric backgrounds for another videoclip that has been planned for release in a few months,” he explains. “I deemed that the clips I ended up with were meaningful enough to deserve a standalone video.”

We certainly can’t disagree with him there. The swirling colours seem to melt into each other organically, moving with a sort of cosmic rhythm, resembling a synesthesiac galaxy of emotions and shapes. The spectacular visuals are underscored by the slightly melancholic, but nonetheless beautiful sounds of Max Richter (www.maxrichtermusic.com), giving everything a certain poignant, reflective flavour.

“Eventually the video translates my current state of mind, thoughtful and nostalgic. I consider it an analogy to feelings, such as joy, hatred, love, sadness and so on,” says Thomas.” All these emotions come and stir together before they soothe and let go in this 3:25 long cosmos.”

We delved a little deeper to discover more:

The Plus: How would you describe yourself and what you do?
Thomas Blanchard:
I am an auto-entrepreneur. I create videos according to the needs of my clients (such as singers, corporates)… and thus have come to make various types of videos.

TP: What equipment did you use?
The setup was really DIY. I made do with a single plate, 2150 watts projectors and my Canon 550D equipped with its macro rings.

TP: How did you achieve such striking colours and shapes?
I made several attempts before getting what I expected from the mixes. First, I would pour a bit of milk in the plate, then draw shapes from the paint through the use of a syringe. I would then pour the rapeoil with a bit of honey and cinnamon, and have the small balls of paint come into shape by injecting paint straight into the oil. From then I just needed to gently blow over the mix to animate it.

TP: How long did it take to make?
It only took me 48 hours to complete. I had a bit of a disturbing feeling considering that my previous project lasted for 4 months! That was a timelapse of blooming flowers.