Anti-Pop Art

Futuristic Electro Sounds meet Frantic, Surreal Animation

Imagine a pop track beamed back in time from a slightly dystopian future, animated by a freakish genetic hybrid of Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein, and you’ve pretty much got the measure of Love Affair by Silkie. For the video French animator and Director Simon Landrien was brought in with his unique mischievous and illustrative style.

The track marks something of a departure from Silkie’s Grime and Dubstep roots, with an altogether more infectious brand of bubble-gum electro steeped in stabbing synths and a sort of retro-futurism that at once harks back to the 80s whilst undoubtedly pushing the boundaries forward. Simon’s peculiar, frantic and luridly coloured animation provides the perfect foil, taking you on a space-trip of a chemically-induced nature.

“I think the aesthetic keeps the tone light and playful, where actions and storyline brings some odd and quirky feelings to it,” says Simon. “Overall I hope it gives a little sense of surprise to the track.” The whole thing is nicely in keeping with the overall concept and vision that Silkie’s label Anarchostar ( has cultivated.

We got the lowdown from Simon on the collaboration:

The Plus: How did you and Silkie come to work with together?
Simon Landrien:
His label contacted me to create this music video.

TP: Were you given a brief?
The only thing that I had to stick to was the overall feel and look of the label. Distal and his illustrator have developed a rich, futuristic aesthetic that I was interested to work with.
I’ve never tried to translate my work in a Sci-Fi environment, so I felt there was a pleasant challenge there. Otherwise I was completely free to do whatever I want.

TP: How would you characterise your style?
Minimalistic and narrative.

TP: We detect a hint of both Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein in your work…are you a fan of these guys?
I’m not a big fan, but I really like what they brought. Even if I don’t feel I’ve looked up to those guys, it’s obvious they had an influence on my work.

TP: If you had to sum up the video in a few sentences how would you describe it?
I see it as a chapter or an extract of a longer film, or a TV series episode. It’s the classic part where the underdog gets his revenge on people who oppressed and used him.

TP: What else are you working on?
I’m working on an illustrated book, some illustrations for an upcoming event in Paris, a skateboard video, and some other film ideas I want to develop.