It Began on Instagram

Get Lost in the Enchanting Imagery of Budding Amateur Photographer

When you look at the quality, diversity and creativity of Denise Kwong’s photography it’s almost hard to believe she’s just a keen hobbyist. “I was introduced to the app a couple of years ago and was inspired by the amazing photography I saw on there to give it a go myself,” she recalls. “I was only shooting with an iPhone and then mid last year I bought a camera and have become (even more) addicted ever since.”

Her shoots are typified by stunning locations, no doubt helped by the fact she’s based in Sydney, Australia, with many beautiful vistas and landscapes within a few hours of it. But Denise also seems to have an uncanny knack for composition, with her subjects placed in a way that situates them perfectly in the scene that envelopes them.

“I am very random with what I post ,” she tells us. “I think people like the fact that they don’t know what to expect next with my photos.” Denise certainly jumps effortlessly between formats but manages to retain a certain air of mystery about each of her shoots.

We caught up with this self-taught talent to learn more:

The Plus: What qualities do you think you need to be a photographer?
Denise Kwong:
Patience is important, as is a willingness to experiment and be creative. Also know that not everything you try will work but don’t be disheartened when it doesn’t. Being able to source interesting light/shadows/perspectives to compose your shot is also key.

TP: What’s the biggest disaster you’ve had whilst shooting?
I wouldn’t say disaster as such but not checking my photos whilst shooting and to then find later that they aren’t in focus and/or I wasn’t happy with the composition. Since some of these shoot locations are 4-5 hours away and thus aren’t quick to get back to, it’s important to check your photos whilst there so you have the opportunity to get it right!

TP: Where do you see your photography going?
Photography is a hobby at this stage. I’ve been lucky to get a little work on the side but otherwise it’s just been something I enjoy doing on weekends. I’m curious to see where (if anywhere) it’ll take me – I’m open to any opportunities that may come my way but if not, I’ve enjoyed how photography has allowed to me be creative and have a ton of fun.

TP: What are your passions outside photography?
Apart from taking photos, I love all things food – I’m always on the lookout for new restaurants to try out. And movies. I can very happily sit and watch a movie marathon!

TP: Do you have any interesting location shoots coming up?
I’m going to Chicago and New York in September and very much looking forward to exploring these cities and photographing everything they have to offer. I’m meeting up with local photographers/Instagrammers and am hoping they will be able to show me some cool local spots to go shoot.