The Pythagorean Chair

Elegant Chair Design Made Entirely of Conjoined Triangles

Ukranian design bureau ODESD2 has been garnering a reputation for their designer furniture, decor and accessories. They have a very clear design philosophy, making sure all their employees have classical design and architecture backgrounds, but always with the aim to look to new and innovative horizons. The Q5 Chair is the latest addition to their burgeoning roster of products.

“The idea of the Q5 chair is a dedication to the creator of the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller,” they told us. “The design language of the Q5 chair is a clearness of lines and accuracy of the metal base details.” The design is made up of interlocking triangles, known for their strength, and additionally, the use of lightweight but durable aluminum alloy makes the chair extremely robust.

Owing to this, the chair is perfectly at home in a number of settings, whether in the home, office or in a public building. Staying true to the simplicity of the design, the Q5 looks immaculate in brilliant white, but a touch of colour can be added to the base if the customer so chooses.

We put ODESD2 and their new design under the microscope:

The Plus: Can you tell us about the ethos of ODESD2?
ODESD2 is an abbreviation of the six basic principles of architecture formed by ancient Roman architect Vitruvius: Ordinatio – order and systematic; Despositio – location and basis; Eurythmia – proportion and composition; Symmetria – anthropomorphism; Decor – decor and the order systematic; Distributio – ways of using the object economically. We take these rules as the basis of our work, strength, utility and beauty.

TP: What are the key design features of the Q5?
Q5 is a symmetrical chair in the frontal projection without armrests made of aluminum alloy. It has a very usual silhouette and proportion for this type of objects.

TP: What materials did you use and why?
The usage of aluminum alloy is dictated by chair’s form. If the Q5 was made in the plastic, it would have lost all its characteristic features. Moreover, the creation of a mold for plastic products takes much time. The inside of the Q5 is upholstered for keeping warm and convenience. Optionally the aluminum base can be painted in the desired color, and the felt can be upholstered with a fabric or leather.

TP: How would you describe the design to someone who had never seen it?
Visually, the Q5 resembles the figure, folded in origami technique. You can’t find any rounding or bending in the shape of the object. Geometry of the chair is built on the lines that radiate from a common vertex.

TP: What is the studio working on next?
Currently the design department of the bureau consists of 9 designers. All of them are developing their objects lines, expand the assortment of already created lines, and are working on current tasks. In addition, a group of interns began studying at the bureau in August (we are recruiting interns regularly). The education period is 3 months. Each one of them should create their own object in the learning process. Thus, we are going to present more than a dozen objects from new designers in November.