Illuminating Illusions

The New Crowd-Funding Campaign for a Truly Unique Lamp Design

Did you have a cool bedside lamp as a child? They often come in wacky and colourful designs to keep you entertained. But we bet you’ve never seen a lamp as mesmerising for all ages as the LUMINOsquare. The LUMINOsquare creates an incredible 3D effect using some clever trickery, and is currently aiming to raise the necessary funds via IndieGoGo.

“At LUMINOsquare, we want to design and develop interesting products that are not only creative but affordable and functional,” co-creaters Kantilal Brijwasi and Rohan Desle told us. Although it seems high-tech, the method appears to be actually very simple. LED lights are shone through a specially engraved surface which creates the effect above.

LUMINOsquare works as a lamp, but it’s also like an elegant piece of art in its own right. There are currently seven interchangeable designs, each of which can be attached to the base. Current shapes include a simple sphere, the Eiffel Tower, a snake, a deer’s head, a stepped pyramid a swirly double-helix-looking design. They’d all certainly make an interesting conversation piece with visitors.

We spoke to the boffins behind LUMINOsquare to find out more:

The Plus: How did the idea come about?
Kantilal Brijwasi and Rohan Desle:
We both always wanted to design products that are not only functional but creative, as well. As we always felt that illusions are amazing pictures that trick the human eye into seeing something that is not real, we wanted to bring these illusions in everyone’s life. Hence we came up with the idea of optical illusion lamp. We want to put a smile on people’s face whenever they look at our lamp.

TP: How is the LUMINOsquare constructed?
KB & RD:
The wood base is cut using CNC machine, which is then finished by our experienced artesian by hand. Giving the base beautiful handcrafted feel. The acrylic glass designs are created using laser engraving process. The LED light circuit is designed to meet the highest electric standards, to give warm glow that lasts long.

TP: What else would you like to see available beyond the 7 existing designs?
KB & RD:
We have few more interesting designs coming up for our backers on Indiegogo very shortly. We are working hard to bring the best of all.

TP: Can you give us your elevator pitch?
KB & RD:
An elegant and creative night lamp that changes your everyday perception and raises a smile. With its compact size, this optical illusion lamp is the perfect decorative piece for any home or office.

TP: What has the response been like so far?
KB & RD:
We are getting backers from all over the world. It’s been quite an interesting journey so far on Indiegogo. We are hopeful we’ll reach our funding goal soon.