The Chair that Rocks

Elegant Multi-Person Rocking Chair Suitable for all Weathers

Brothers Jason and Jules Henry are from different creative backgrounds. Jules is trained in engineering and industrial design, whilst Jason always focussed on the arts. It seemed only logical to combine these differing talents in a way that enhances both of their practices, and design studio Sveglio was the result. Volo is their latest project, which gives a fun and contemporary twist on the traditional rocking chair design.


“The intention behind the Volo is to awaken higher consciousness. Much like the artwork of Alex Grey, our designs point to a hidden dimension of coherent energy flow that exists outside the spectrum of visible light.”

The design, which utilises Chromoly steel, 3D-printed stainless, and Mild Steel for the frame, not to mention mildew-resistant stuffing, is versatile and can be deployed both indoors and out, owing to its weather-resistant properties.
Jason and Jules were keen to stay true to the spirit of traditional rocking chair designs, whilst updating it for the 21st century: “We have fond memories of a rocking chair from our childhood, and we love that we could resonate with those early memories in our audience”.

We spoke to the brothers to find out more:

The Plus: Was there a particular inspiration for the design?
Jules Henry:
Three years ago, I was in the shop, working on a mobile rocking hammock that I hoped would bring great joy to many at the Burning Man desert festival. Jason took a seat next to the crescent-moon-shaped structure and after some consideration, described the final curving component that would complete the design quite beautifully. This creation received such exciting feedback on the ‘playa’ and here at home that we began designing what you see here.

TP: Rocking chairs have quite traditional associations, were you keen to play on that or avoid it?
Jason Henry:
The rocking motion is deeply soothing for our body and mind. The regular rhythm reminds us of our breath and enables us to slow down into the present moment. I am pretty sure the original rocking chair designers had similar intentions even if they weren’t conscious of them.

TP: Were there any particular obstacles?
We are one of the first furniture companies to incorporate 3D-printed stainless steel components. We selected this technology both to avoid tooling cost and to create radical part geometries that cannot be achieved with other methods. In our earlier iterations, we discovered through numerous catastrophic and hilarious failures, that this material is not suitable for high-load weldments. In our current designs, we still use selective laser sintered parts, but not in key structural areas.

TP: Who would you like sit in a Volo with?
My fondest memories are rocking with my partner and three year old daughter watching the sunset in Big Sur, California.

TP: What new designs are you working on?
We are working on a three new designs right now…not all of which I can disclose. I can say that we are working on a line of rockers that work as well on water as they do on land.

TP: What are your long term ambitions for Sveglio?
Our current designs are priced in luxury territory because of the high cost of producing these intricate structures domestically. Moving forward, we intend to release a collection of beautiful kinetic furniture within a more accessible price range as we hope to share the magic of these creations with millions of people throughout the world.