Cartoon Threadwork

New Fashion and Homeware Collection for Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network may ostensibly be aimed at kids, but a number of its shows are a guilty pleasure for older generations, whilst others are certified cult classics. That means creating Cartoon Network-branded fashionware was always going to have to incorporate all these audiences, something designer Branden Collins was acutely aware of when he was asked to produce this new series of clothes and accessories.

“I think many of the shows and characters truly appeal to a broad age demographic so it was important to me to make a collection that could be worn by just about anyone, whether they’re 6 or 26,” Branden explains.

To achieve this, Branden utilised a variety of designs, some more minimalist and others that are vibrant and full colour, reflecting the diversity of Cartoon Network as a brand. The results speak for themselves, oozing style for kids both little and large. Cushions and beanbags complete the series, which would make a playful addition to any bedroom, the Jake beanbag being one of Branden’s favourite items from the collection:

“That thing is really massive. It’s hard to get a sense of how big it is from the photos, but it’s huge,” says Branden. “Many naps were taken on that thing around the office!”

We jumped at the chance to find out more:

The Plus: What inspired the style of this series?
Branden Collins:
Other than the inspiration that comes from the wonderful Cartoon Network shows featured in the collection, I drew a lot of inspiration from some of the hand-painted work I’ve been really into lately produced by designers & artists like Atelier Bingo, Chris Golden and many others.

TP: How did you find working with children?
It was a blast! We were on a bit of a time crunch so we didn’t have time to reach out to professional models, but I didn’t want to let that deter me from pulling this off. I brought in my younger sister and put the word out to a few of my co-workers and we were able to get two of them to bring in their kids. They each brought their own energy and style to the shoot and it created a wonderful balance to the collection.

TP: Cartoon Network has quite a cult following. Did you bear that in mind with your designs?
Yes absolutely. I have worked the Cartoon Network booth at Comic-Con a few times over the years while I was employed with the company and it’s always evident at Comic-Con how serious the fandom is for shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show and Clarence, all of which are series featured in the collection.
Part of the initial motivation for connecting Cartoon Network with Print All Over Me was to bridge the gap that sometimes exists between the fans as content creators, Cartoon Network & the production of consumer products.

TP: Do you have a favourite Cartoon Network show?
Going to have to say Adventure Time. It’s just beautifully done, smart, and funny.

TP: What are you working on now?
Right now I’m working in San Francisco, trying to maintain a freelance career through my independent studio, The Young Never Sleep. I’m working on new patterns and apparel, set design, costume design and trying to get better at directing shoots by constantly collaborating.