Growing from Concrete

New Range of Concrete Planters Inspired by Outer Space

Concrete can be such a contradictory material. Malleable yet fixed, brutal yet somehow beautiful. In their inaugural set of product designs, IAM Architecture Studio wanted to highlight another contrast, by juxtaposing this most lifeless of materials with the luscious vivacity of plants.

“Our debut collection represents reflections about space and the surfaces of other planets,” they explain. “It seems that in these forms nothing alive can exist, but suddenly they are filled with succulents of bizarre shapes”.

It’s not hard to see their inspiration at work, as the designs clearly evoke lunar craters and other extra-terrestrial shapes which seem to give birth to succulents that protrude upwards from them. The designs, utilising bare concrete, are all handmade, making each one unique and slightly unpredictable in its final outcome.

“Concrete is a very noble material. It is easy to work with it, but only through trial and error can you come out with something extraordinary. Now we can experiment with its composition and add new elements”.

We were keen to find out more about IAM Architecture Studio and their new series:

The Plus: What do you think it is about the aesthetic quality of concrete that makes it so appealing?
IAM Architecture Studio:
It is all about its rudeness and some uncouthness. But at the same time it is flexible in terms of design. It really fits perfectly in any interior: from a loft, to Scandinavian minimalism and hi-tech contexts.

TP: Were there any specific design challenges presented by the fact they would be housing plants?
There were no special problems. No wonder that we chose succulents, as they are the most unpretentious plants. But of course they need special care, like all living things. Sometimes the plants would die. We asked florists for the reason and the most interesting answer was: ‘Too much sun’. So, in an African desert there is the right amount of sun, yet in Kiev a bit too much!

TP: What makes i Am Architecture unique? What is your mission?
With each new collection we want to discover other material properties or their compounds, presenting them with completely new meanings and ideas. Each collection must have a deep philosophical meaning, to provide food for thought. Our main mission is to create items for gloating and spaces where you always want to come back.

TP: Are you working on any new designs?
Yes, we are currently developing a new collection of object designs. It will feature wood and metal as well as concrete. We have many ideas and inspirations, but not enough time to do them all! We hope that the new collection will be released in early fall.