Live for the Moment

Photography Series Makes a Fitting Tribute and Reminds us Live to the Fullest

The motivation for German photographer, Bettina Güber’s latest series, NOW is something of a tragic one. “I don’t think that inspiration is the right word in this case – it was the sudden unexpected death of a friend,” Bettina tells us. “So I wanted to express how beautiful nature is and how precious time is – and how important it is to enjoy every moment…NOW!”

The series certainly makes for a heart-warming elegy, depicting flowers and insects, such simple and timeless subjects. The images are not only beautiful and poignant they also feel full of life, always with a vibrant foreground with a slightly faded, sepia-toned background which seems to evoke the hazy filter of memory. Perhaps these are memories of her friend.

“Delicate. Soft. Pure nature. I tried to convey positive vibes,” explains Bettina. It marks a departure from her previous ‘Pets’ series which used miniature animal figures and had a very light-hearted feel.

We spoke to her about NOW, with its special significance.

The Plus: Did you work with live insects?
Bettina Güber:
Yes, they are always alive – and sometimes they are not very cooperative.

TP: Some people find insects quite repulsive but you make them look beautiful, was that your intention?
Can you keep a secret? I found them gross, too – before I started with photography. I started about 3 years ago and in a quite unusual way…with a 105mm fixed focal lens. And so I discovered that those little creatures are not gross, but fascinating and I wanted to show their ‚beauty. Before that I had a real arachnophobia.

TP: How was the process different for this and your pets series?
It’s totally different. Nature, flowers and insects are my favourite ‚models – but sometimes I need something funny. You don’t have to be that patient when you shoot the Pets – you create the scene and shoot and there is not much post-processing. But if you shoot outdoors you have to be very patient – the insects are quick, sometimes it’s windy – and the post-processing is more time-consuming especially when using textures.

TP: What are your long term ambitions?
Having fun with photography. Fun for me while shooting and editing the photos – and fun and joy for the viewers while watching. And if someone gets inspired by my work it’s the greatest compliment and the best thing I can achieve with my images.