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Illustrator Teams up with Modify Watches to Create Some Unique Time Pieces

We recently featured irrepressible illustrator James Gilleard’s work on the app, Simple Machines. Well, James is back with a bang having teamed up with the good folks at Modify Watches, who produce custom timepieces which you can mix and match with a variety of straps and face designs.

James’s signature geometric designs make the ideal fit for Modify Watches, offering customers the chance to wear something really unusual on their wrists. “Modify Watches have hit on a great idea to have personalised watches as it becomes individual and more of a fashion thing than a simple time keeper.” enthuses James.

Although James’s designs are at home in many contexts, there is something particularly satisfying about them being on the diminutive timepieces with a white strap to highlight the design. The beauty of Modify Watches though is that anyone can customise their own watch and choose whichever colour they like.

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James told us a little more about the collaboration with Modify.

The Plus: How did the collaboration with Modify come about?
James Gilleard:
Modify Watches got in touch with me and we took it from there. I already had some pattern ideas I had been working on with a view to getting them on fabric or other household items and so I used them as the basis for the watch designs.

TP: What were the challenges of designing for such an unusual format?
As the watch face is very small I had to work on limiting the amount of pattern on them so they were ‘readable’. The original images were much more detailed.

TP: Are you rocking one of your own watches?
My samples haven’t arrived yet – but I’m hoping to very soon!

TP: Who do you think the designs will appeal to?
I’m not really sure, anyone who likes geometric type patterns I guess!

TP: We all use mobile phones to tell the time nowadays…is there still a place for the humble watch?
For me there is yeah – I always wear a watch, but I understand what you mean. I am not the type of person who is always on their phone anyway!


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