Sweet Synaesthesia

The Kaleidoscopic Music Video Inspired by the Senses

Irises by New York ‘jive-daydream’ band, Steady Sun, is the perfect anthem for those hazy summer evenings that seem to stretch out in time. Laid-back psychedelic riffs entwine deliciously with the syrupy sweet vocals that have just a hint of melancholy. The video, directed by Matt Westrich and Sandy Honig is all kaleidoscoping colours and unusual objects, chuntering along at the same dreamy pace as the song.

“I had the idea of writing this song with a lot of synaesthetic imagery (i.e. ‘I hear the timbre of your blood’),” explains Dylan Nowik, Steady Sun’s frontman. “The feeling the song gave to me, after having written it, reminded me of this slowly spinning turbine, or ferris wheel or something. So, along with visualizing the lyrics in a literal sense in the video, I wanted to achieve that feeling.”

Dylan devised the concept for the video, scene by scene to fit the lyrics, which Matt and Sandy took to new heights with their expertise. Musically, the song feels longingly reminiscent of a bygone era, like Beck in the mid-90s. Aesthetically, the video has that sort of lo-fi grainy quality of the 60s. Irises is the second single off Steady Sun’s forthcoming album, Flora.

Dylan was keen to share his thoughts on the song and the video:

The Plus: How do you think the video reflects the song?
Dylan Nowik:
In my opinion, the song sounds kind of grand, but also, intentionally, a little scrappy/lo-fi, so I wanted the video to convey those things. I had a certain palate of colours in mind – which editor/director Matt Westrich definitely further refined. So I wanted all those things – colour, explosiveness, radial symmetry, and a little scrappiness, to make it in – and Matt and Sandy were able to pull it off.

TP: What’s the most memorable moment in the video for you?
I really like the whole end sequence, where all of the previously used elements coalesce in cool ways. The heart, for instance, being surrounded by a procession of moving lightbulbs – I thought that was a cool image.

TP: Outside of music, what are your other passions?
Being outside. I think I have other passions…but it’s a gorgeous summer day in Queens right now, and I just want to be on top of a mountain!

TP: Have you got any funny touring stories?
Our whole first tour of the Northeast United States was pretty fun/funny. We couldn’t afford to stay anywhere, so we slept in parks. My car broke down outside of Boston, so I can check that off of the touring-band-stereotype list.

TP: What are you working on at the moment?
The album cover for Flora, which will be out in late summer. After a small latent period I’m finally writing a lot of music again. This second album’s not even out, but I have to be thinking of the next stuff I want to make, you know?