Pencil Art with a Difference

Rather than Drawing with Pencils, Russian Artist Sculpts into them

The humble pencil is one of the most rudimentary tools for an artist. But imagine of the pencil itself became the art? Russian self-taught artist, Salavat Fidai has a magical series of works which meticulously sculpts a number of objects into the tips of pencils. “From childhood I liked to cut out the white chalk at school,” recalls Salavat. “I love sculpture and like to make miniatures, probably because it is challenging and fun!”

Salavat worked for years as a manager at a company, but lost his job when it downsized. With no formal arts training, Salavat took the very bold move of pursuing his dream as a freelance artist, spurred on by his parents, who are both art teachers. Salavat carves any number of things into pencil nibs, from iconic architecture to cartoon characters.


“Each piece is a part of my soul, I use my art to communicate. Without my art there is no way for me to express myself.”

Salavat was eager to share more with us:

The Plus: Do you listen to music while you work? If so what?
Salavat Fidai:
Yes, of course! Music inspires me. I like different kinds of music. Hard rock, country, rock-n-blues, pop. For Example AC/DC, Metallica, Eminem, Estas Tonne, Ray Charles, Sixto Rodriguez.

TP: If you couldn’t be an artist, what else would you love to do?
I could be a writer and screenwriter. I even once wrote a script for a comic and won a grand prize.

TP: Do you have a studio space or do you work from home?
I work at my home.

TP: You’ve obviously done a lot of miniature works, would you ever like to work in huge scale as a contrast?
Yes, I would like to make big sculptures and installations.

TP: What was your favourite piece of art when you were younger?
Rodin’s “Thinker”( Le Penseur) and antique sculptures.

TP: What are your long term ambitions?
Auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Hahaha. I’m an experimental artist. I would like to work with different forms and genres of art. Maybe this will be graffiti or large installations on a city street.


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