Bottles Up

Reimagining Iconic Brands as Beer Bottle Designs

The best ideas often seem to spring up over a cold beer. That’s certainly no exception for t-shirt printing company, Printsome’s series, #Beertualising. “We came up with the idea during a work social, where we were drinking beer, of course”, explains Meredith Hebert, who worked on the series.

The series takes the branding of top companies, including Apple, Nike, Facebook GQ, Google, YouTube, Burberry and others, adapting them to suit the beer bottle format. Meredith was acutely aware of the fact that the label of a beer bottle can make or break the sale: “it has to be eye-catching and iconic”.

As Meredith did a lot of research into the brands, the design guidelines and on beer bottles in general, she gained a lot of inspiration from classic bottles like Heineken, Budweiser and especially craft beers. “They usually have the best designs,” Meredith told us.

We were thirsty to learn more about this unique series.

The Plus: What makes a good beer bottle design?
Meredith Hebert:
The label is the first thing a consumer sees before even tasting the beer. It needs to be clean and straight to the point – since the label only takes up a few inches of space, it can’t be cluttered with words and visual elements.


TP: Are you a big beer drinker?
Yes, when I’m at home in Philadelphia, I attend many Beer Fests, especially during the summer. If I go to a home bar, I usually stick with my go-to, which is Bud Light. But, when I go to a Beer Fest or a bar that specializes in craft beers, I always try something new. The selling point for me is all in the name. If I think a beer has a cool or witty name, I’ll try it. After all, you always read the menu before you even see the bottle.

TP: What challenge did you face during the process?
It was a bit difficult trying to stay true to the brands and their identities without compromising on the necessary elements for beer labels. For example, Apple’s design identity is very clean and modern, so it was hard trying to keep a beer label that simple, but still able to convey its message.

TP: You are an advertising and graphic design student, what are your dreams and hopes for the future?
After I graduate next year, I want to move to Australia and work for an advertising agency as a graphic designer. After I’ve established enough experience, I want to switch to client side and be an Art Director for a major corporation like Apple, Google or Victoria’s Secret, which are some of my personal favourite brands.