Everyday Rainbows

Artist Takes on Challenge of Creating a Rainbow a Day for 100 Days

If an apple a day is good for you how good must a rainbow be? “Full time artist and full time mommy,” Julie Seabrook Ream certainly seems to find it pretty beneficial, helping her bond with her toddler and channel her inner creativity all at once by making beautiful arrangements out of colourful everyday items.

“It was a serendipitous series of events,” recalls Julie. “I heard about The 100 Day Project, which is a challenge to create something every single day for 100 days and post it on Instagram. It seemed like the perfect time, as I had recently quit my job as an art director to stay home with my toddler and baby, and was ready to be truly creative again.”

Julie has literally left no stone unturned in her quest to keep the everyday rainbows fresh and exciting: from rocks to foodstuffs, children’s toys to stationary. The delightfully vivid and playful arrangements guarantee to be a feast for the eyes and in many cases a banquet for Julie and her family.

“My toddler asked me if I had a favourite colour. I told her I couldn’t pick a favourite, because I like how they all look together. Somehow these thoughts collided in my head and I decided to photo style everyday objects in rainbow order.”

We managed to pull Julie away from her rainbow commitments to talk some more:

The Plus: Do you struggle finding new objects to use for each new piece?
Julie Seabrook Ream:
Surprisingly, no, it was not hard coming up with the ideas. In fact I have a list of 30 extra rainbows! The hard part was actually sourcing the items. I spent a lot of time calling friends and family and driving around town to borrow extra objects. Before I knew it the project had evolved into something much bigger and more meaningful than I could have imagined. The phrase “it takes a village” is very true for this project!

TP: How do you come up with the arrangements?
I wing it — it usually becomes apparent quickly if my styling is or isn’t working. Sometimes I do several arrangements for each idea, before finding one that I’m happy with. And sometimes it is late at night and I just need to let it go and get some sleep!

TP: Which has been the most fun so far? (We’re looking at you donuts and ice lollies!)
Definitely the donuts! I looked up a recipe for donut glaze, borrowed my friend’s collection of food dye, and went crazy in the kitchen! I had quite the assembly line of donuts, glaze and sprinkles. And the clean up was quite delicious!

TP: How would you describe you practice more generally?
Right now I mostly do photo art direction and styling, and of course spend time with the kiddos. Life and work are very enjoyable right now.

TP: Are you working on anything else?
I’ve started creating letters out of flowers for my children and our friends, and would like to work my way through the whole alphabet. I also have some ideas for paintings and drawings that, of course, involve lots of color!