Street Art that’s Well Hung

Chilean-born Artist Otto Schade Has a New Solo Exhibition coming up in London

“I am a guy who likes to experiment and change, looking all the time for something new that both me and the people will like,” prolific street artist Osch aka Otto Schade tells us. Perhaps this applies to his life as much as it does to his work. Otto is a trained architect who started life as an artist in 1996. He only made the move into street art in 2009, but already his work adorns walls in cities across the world. Later this month, he will be bringing a new solo show to Well Hung gallery, in London, where he is now based.

But Otto hasn’t fallen into the groove that many street artists take of repeating a single oeuvre endlessly. He employs a diverse range of styles from pieces that seem to make a direct statement with patently representational imagery, to the much more abstract explorations of shape and colour where the influence of surrealism is often apparent.

Life as a street artist is far from easy, and Otto feels the public could do more to back artists who work in the public realm:
“When you paint on the streets you are rarely paid. Most are gifts from the artists to the society. The thing is that public need to support artists they like buying their work, because having more followers or getting loads of likes in social networks doesn’t pay our bills.”

We caught up with Otto as he looks forward to his latest exhibition.

The Plus: Where do you look to for inspiration?
Otto Schade:
I get inspired for different things or situations in normal life. Sometimes at the gym, swimming or watching a movie. Ideas could come to me anytime. At the same time the more quality art you see, the more inspired you get to come up with new ideas or improve what’s already there, but obviously with your own style, otherwise it’s copying and not inspiration.

TP: What other artists do you rate at the minute?
From the street art world I rate Smug One because of the quality of his art (expressions, technique) and Banksy because of the concepts behind more than the quality of his art.

TP: Do you have a favourite city for street art (whether that means one with the best scene, or the nicest to work in)
My 3 favourite cites for street art at the moment are London, Berlin and Amsterdam. London because I have been painting since on the streets there since 2009 and there are still some of my pieces from that time around, meaning that people really respect them. Berlin and Amsterdam because I have seen all the efforts street art tourist guides and fans have put into helping me to get good spots to paint over there.

TP: What does the rest of 2015 hold for you?
I am just coming back from Sunscape Festival in Malta where I painted a stage. I will take part in Henley Festival (8th and 9th of July) and Sand Sea and Spray street art festival in Blackpool (10th till 12th of July). At the end of July I’ll be taking part in Upfest street art festival. I am also working with the charity, Save Wild Tigers, so I am coordinating to paint some walls in East London this month and also will paint a nice tiger for Upfest. The rest of the year is not clear yet but for sure something interesting will come.

Images courtesy of the artist and Urban Art International.
Otto Schade’s solo exhibition will be at Well Hung Gallery, London 23 July – 23 August 2015.