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New Homeware Collection from one of the Minds Behind the Missoni Fashion House

Missoni Home, developed from the now legendary Italian fashion house, Missoni. Rosita Missoni, who set up the fashion label with her husband Ottavio more than 60 years ago, made the switch to homeware in 1997. The latest collection, produced by T&J Vestor stays true to roots of the Missoni brand with its iconic geometric designs and chevrons but keeps things fresh with new injections of colour.

“I used to work with passion and fashion had become a duty; so I felt very relieved when Angela, my daughter, decided she was ready to take the reins of the Fashion Collection,” Rosita explains. “My home idea is to mix comfort and fun and it is always evolving”. Her home designs certainly enshrine this, with all the panache of her earlier work but with a palpable playful feel.
“Fashion is ephemeral and this is its great charm. Home is long-lasting like elegance.”

Despite reflecting the tradition of the Missoni brand, the designs which emblazon cushions and furnishings have a very contemporary look.

We spoke to Missoni Home to find out more.

The Plus: How do you make sure the designs stay up-to-date?
Missoni Home:
Alongside iconic patterns that have a generation-less appeal and timeless ability to always look great, seasonal motifs using on trend colours keep the collection refreshed and of-the-moment.

TP: How important was it to find the right company to produce the designs?
T&J Vestor’s innovative approach and allegiance to quality sourcing from local Italian artisan’s and suppliers has ensured that the collection keeps to its roots but has expanded to include high performance technical fabrics for outdoors and commercial spaces, meeting the exacting requirements of the furnishing industry.

TP: How would you characterise the collection?
A light-hearted, playful approach prevails and provides the possibility to create flexible spaces that yield to the needs and mood of the people who live in them; outdoor furniture that looks equally at home indoors and reversible fabrics, for example.