The Vintage Bakery

Kiev-based Architecture Designs Stunning Bakery that’s a Throwback to European Classics

Ukrainian creative design agency, Yo Dezeen may work for all sorts of different clients, but they do seem to have a distinctive contemporary flair. One of their most recent projects was a bakery in Rovno, Ukraine, which they believe is the first truly European-style bakery in the city. “We have borrowed many interior elements from old European patisseries, to recreate the atmosphere of old traditional bakeries like those found in Vienna and other European towns,” they told us.

The design oozes warmth and comfort, with its natural wood and clean tiles. It features bespoke furniture designs and even has plaques on the walls which display the names of other classic bakeries. Greenery proliferates throughout the space giving it a very organic feeling. It certainly looks like a great spot to while away the hours of coffee and a pastry.

The photographs taken by Andrii Shurpenkov really showcase the beauty of the space. “There are many challenges of shooting, but they are small,” Andrii said. “It’s most fun taking pictures in the bathrooms; often they are small and you have to hide in the corners in a very strange poses!”

We spoke to Yo Dezeen to find out more.

The Plus: What part of the design are you most proud of?
Yo Dezeen:
We adore all of it! We have paid strong attention to every detail: furniture, materials, finishing, decoration, lighting etc. perhaps the gem of the interior is the bar with a glass case.

TP: How did you choose the photographer?
Our architect and designer has recommended us photographer Andrii Shurpenkov. We have studied his portfolio, asked him to take photos of one project and have been satisfied with his works. Since then we’ve collaborated tightly.

TP: Have you sampled the food and drink?
Absolutely! It tastes as good as it looks. On the menu card you will find many worldwide popular baked goods cooked following classic recipes from around the world.

TP: What projects are you working on now?
Now we are working on apartment interiors for a client from Moscow and on a chain of restaurants in Kiev.