Little Summer Lovers

Adorable Fashion Shoot Clad in Kimonos by Indonesian Photographer

Surabaya-born photographer Nicoline Patricia Malina boasts an enviable client list including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Amica, Esquire, Maxim, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. But her latest series Little Summer Lovers was inspired by of all things, an annoying fly that was trapped in her office two days before the shoot.

“Originally, I just wanted to shoot some pretty pictures of girls in kimonos in lovely pastel colours, inspired by my recent trip to Japan,” Nicoline tells us. “The morning of the shooting day, all of a sudden I came up with this concept of a bug flying around someone and annoying the hell out of her. I quickly sketched eight layouts on a paper, and the project turned into Little Summer Lovers.”

The colours of the kimonos really make the images pop out at you, nicely underlaid with more understated backgrounds. There’s quite a lot of miniaturisation going on, probably a reference to that pesky fly, but the sense of fun is almost palpable: “We had so much fun in the studio that day, probably because of the hilarious approach to the shoot. We told Michelle (one of the models), ‘You gonna be a mosquito today, a cute dark one. Please act as annoying as possible’”.

We spoke to Nicoline about the ‘buzz’ around her new series.

The Plus: The outfits are really unique. Did you have any input in the styling?
Nicoline Patricia Malina:
I’ve collected kimonos for years and it’s amazing how my wonderful stylist, Alia Husin, would always style them differently in every shoot. She would create an unpredictable mix and match that’s fashionably genius! I left all the styling decisions to her as she’s the expert, and it’s always better than what I expected.

TP: Can you talk to us about the choice of colour palette?
When I was in Japan last April, I was enchanted by the use of light, pastel colours everywhere, on the shops, packaging, posters, everything! It’s the palette I used to love a few years back, and haven’t had the time to explore anymore for a while. I love how the colours add innocence to the series.

TP: What are your favourite types of clients to work for?
The ones who completely trust me of course! And I always love the jobs that require me to travel, especially to new faraway places. Every trip inspires me greatly in my next work.

TP: What’s your top fashion tip for the summer season?
A trusty pair of Birkenstocks never fails me. Floral patterns, a cute tassel belt found from a local market, wavy beach hair and a straw basket bag!

TP: Did you ever get rid of that fly?
Oh at that damn flying thing on my workspace? It’s still around. I’m starting to think that it’s somewhat immortal. But at least one good thing came of it.

TP: Anything exciting coming up you’d like to tell us about?
I’m planning my travel schedules next month, it’s always exciting.